Granit Xhaka (34)


Individual defensive mistake not, but the whole team looked disjointed away from home once again.


Once again I didn’t watch the game but Xhaka is terrible, and even though some people think Ramsey is having a great season i for one don’t think that bombing into the box looking for goals all the while shirking off your defensive and other midfield duties is good play. Not a big fan of him either. Our midfield usually gets dominated and cut to shreds because of that. Wilshere has looked good and Elneny before today. I’m just taking a guess at what occurred cuz like i said, I didn’t watch.


Woah. Even more than Carlos Vela?


Calling our Bundesliga experts…

Why was he so good in Germany? Or has the world been conned by a combination of dodgy scouting and some well-edited YouTube clips


And that’s half the battle straight away. Wenger will keep playing him until he thinks it’s time to call it a day and that’s too long a time, all things considered. The absolute wizards he’s had working under him in midfield over the years and he’s blindly following hope with there being a phoenix arising in Xhaka. Nope.

He played alongside Dahoud, an attacking midfielder, very lightweight. So I presume it was more to do with the formation, BMG probably played 4 at the back too. Giving him a workhorse (Elneny/Ramsey) beside him still won’t improve his position. It’s rather how Wenger deploys him as this attacking outlet in the final third when he has no competent qualities for said position.


Someone asked this a while ago, so i’ll just repeat what I and others said.

He did look decent there especially his passing ability. And he was made captain at a young age. Sure, he looked nowhere near world class, but competent enough. But when you delve deeper, you see they used him in a different way as we are doing – a system that was more adept at covering his flaws.

He seemed to play as a deep lying playmaker alongside Dahoud who complemented him. And he linked up well with Kramer. Usually he played alongside 3 or 4 midfielders in a 4-4-(1-1/2) or 4-5-1. A system that clearly worked better for him than.

Basically, although he does seem pretty brain dead at times, i don’t think we were conned as such – what we’re seeing now is not what we saw when he was at Gladbach. It could be because of bad coaching or because our system exposes his weaknesses a lot more… probably a mixture of both.

Some of that is from @oompa . Don’t want to take credit for his answer :grin:


Someone said this before and that we should sort ourselves out to accommodate him but I’ve seen enough to think he’s not worth doing that for.

If we’re going to shuffle so a midfielder can do what they do best more – I’d rather do it for Ramsey.


Nah I don’t think we should change our system just to accommodate him, unless it works for the whole team. Our system is dreadful at times – but he’s not good enough to have a team built around him.

I think we should give him a rest but I think Wenger is far too stubborn to do that. Xhaka must have played more minutes this last year than most of our team!


Surely Wenga, it’s time for Xhaka
to get outta
and let Niles
to run the miles.

@AbouCuellar proud?


Lucien Favre


He was young player at Gladback who was better than other crap players they had. Plus he was made captain.

Gladback have no choice but to build a team around him.
Here however I can name 4-5 players I rather build the team around.


flog him at a big loss and accept the failure, he’s fucking shite


Mehh. I still need a little bit of convincing :laughing:. Sure because he knows Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang personally that might have helped us getting them, but they have been known entities for us as fans too. I’m very curious what our business will be in the summer.


Yeah, we need to cut our losses on this one. Not that it will happen, but he simply doesn’t fit in with the system we play. We obviously need him to play with more defensive awareness but he has no natural inclination to do so, hence he constantly leaves us exposed. And is awful under pressure which is arguably the most important attribute for a DM.

We need to sort this position out ASAP. And then also buy another midfielder (at least) to provide depth/competition for the Wilshere position. We don’t have anybody with intelligence and awareness to play in central midfield aside from Wilshere. Nobody who can drive forward and disrupt the defensive shape of the opposition. Ramsey has qualities but as a more advanced midfielder. Centre mid is an utter fucking shit show of a position for us atm and for me is the key reason why we are slipping further and further away from top 4.


So we should see him under a new manager? I don’t know. I think we should just cash in in the summer.


Just the equalizing goal would be enough to sell him. That has nothing to do with management just how bad of a player he is


He was brilliant in Andre Schubert’s 3-4-1-2 aswell.

Some of his passes between the lines were such a joy to watch at
times, he was literally running the show for fun alongside Dahoud in his last season for Gladbach.


I really want to defend him I do because the structure of our team is shambolic to say the least even some of best midfielders out there would struggle to get to grips with way Wenger’s wants us to play.

That said some of the shit Xhaka’s done this season is undefendable, like yesterday he just let Clucas stroll right past him after looking straight at him not once but TWICE, and it’s not the first time he’s done that this season either I don’t think I’ve seen someone fall of so badly in terms of basic defensive positioning / awareness than Xhaka has in his time with us.

His lucky we wern’t 1-0 down 14minutes too, literally left defense exposed from one long ball from Fabianski last night.

I’d honestly pay to see what we do in training because there’s surely no way Wenger allows this type shit to happen on a consistent basis is there ?



I watched the first 2 minutes of this and the Hertha players neither press Xhaka or mark the players Xhaka is passing too. Plenty of time, which he isn’t getting here.

Is there any Xhaka vs Bayern or Dortmund videos out there? Because I doubt he looked nearly as good.