Granit Xhaka (34)


Can’t watch the match tonight but by all accounts it’s yet another shocker.

Think we should cut our losses in the summer, there are simply far better options out there. For the money we paid and wages you expect far better in terms of consistency and awareness.

He’s rapidly approaching bust status if not there already.


Bust for sure



Get fucking rid ASAP. He’s unbelievably fucking shite.

No awareness on their first goal whatsoever, their guy just had the freedom to run wherever the fuck he wanted as Xhaka just stands there like a brain dead cunt.


Which of course means he will start every game bar injury until the end of the season.


I liked it better when he got red cards and banned.


Give AMN a go there. He honestly can’t be any worse, it’s win win.


That would require some introspection from Wenger and for him to put his hands up and admit he got it wrong.

So let’s not hold our breath.


Xhaka can’t


Isn’t that supposed to be his natural position? What does the squad have to lose at this point for trying something different?




I was more than willing to give Xhaka a chance after last season, but he has been given every chance this year to show his quality - Wenger has stood by and started this guy when he should have been benched for bad performances…sloppy passing, giving the ball away, failing to track back, and just generally a shit midfielder…what’s worse is not that we signed him for £30-35m but that we decided to buy him rather than Kante, which was partially down to Coquelin, but possibly to worst transfer decision this club and Wenger has made.

It’s not uncommon that a club buys a player and it doesn’t work out. Xhaka is one of the first bad transfers that we may have to take a loss on, but better that than persist with such an average player.

IMO we should sell him and buy an absolute cunt to replace him to boss the midfield.


I’ve taken some hits defending him but I’m fucking sick of his mental lapses now.

The bizarre thing about his defending on the Clucas goal was that he was in the right position to cover Bellerin initially, meaning at some level he knows what he’s supposed to do, but then he just forgets a second later and let’s the runner straight in like he isn’t there. What on earth is his thought process?


He’s kind of a posterboy for late stage Arsene signings. If I recall correctly Xhaka said he’d never even met Arsene before agreeing to a contract with the club.

Arsene definitely didn’t know what kind of player we were buying. The fans, I think, thought we were buying a defensive midfielder. He’s not that. I don’t really know what he is. I thought maybe he’d turn out to be a really budget version of Pirlo, able to sit way back in the midfield and spray passes around.

I think there’s a decent player in there but it requires coaching and structure, two things that this team doesn’t have anymore. The smart thing to do would be consider moving him on this summer, even at a loss. What we’ll actually do is give him a contract extension and then loan him out.


He’s a Pirlo. Without any of that Pirlo stuff that made him special.


Right now with the terrible buys we made in the last couple transfer windows we really are lolpool when they had clueless ass people buying the Aquillani’s of the world for mega bucks. I’m not too worried though because Gazidis went out and got a man who’s gonna change all of that, Sven will take us to the promised land.


Need to get rid of that baguette first though.


The one thing I’d say about Xhaka is that I wouldn’t want him to leave just yet, because I think we need to see him play under a manager with an actual clue of how to use him


I would bet he’s made more defensive errors than Denilson did in his Arsenal career.

I don’t understand why people want to give him any kind of second chance. He’s really been Denilson, Squillaci, Silvestre, Djourou, (whoever you hated most) level shit for us. I honestly don’t remember being so consistently disappointed with any of those players. It’s nearly every game I can’t stand the sight of him.

I think he’s possibly my least favourite Arsenal player ever.


Yeah well i didn’t get to see the match but was this really down to Wenger? Seemed like we were shit attacking as we’ve been all year, but a lot of dumb mistakes from the players really put us in a bad position right?