Granit Xhaka (34)


Good timing Calum


:joy::joy::joy: amazing


now call ozil a cunt and he’ll get the third :smiley:


Scoring goals.


To be fair, Xhaka has been terrible for most of the match. Doing what he wants - including being the furthest man forward for large chunks of the game.

Reminds me of Alexis this season. Has a shit game but covers the cracks with a goal.


Lol he was in the right place at the right time, but he’s just so bad. Never in my life as an Arsenal fan have I seen them whiff on a high profile transfer. We buy shitty players sure, but we get them cheap. Xhaka is shit and it cost us a pretty penny, who the fuck scouted this guy? I feel like Lolpool right now :disappointed_relieved:


Not an ounce of confidence between him, Lacazette and Iwobi


Cut my man some slack. Sent us to Wembley :sunglasses:


“Granit, you see that hedge over there on the far side of the pitch? Beyond that hedge is Watford’s training ground, fuck off”


Do Chelsea want him aswell?


He is fucking shit. End of it.


Thats it. He’s gotta go. He’s gotta go!!!


Yeah really just a nothing player, adds no stability defensively and doesn’t give us much offensively.


he’s fucking garbage and we coulda had Kante


there is a good player in there somewhere. Feel it is more a mental issue than a talent issue.

Just somehow someone needs to get the cobwebs out the brain and he needs to stop being a zombie





I mean i’m not disagreeing.

In any case it ill take a lot to get better performances out of hi, and it certainly wont happen with Wenger in the current setup.


He is clueless off the ball, and does not give a fuck, with ramsey always making runs to score poor elneny has to cover the entire midfield area :facepalm:


Seriously can’t stand watching this loser in our shirt any more… after the years of Santi, Cesc, and other quality footballers, this guy drives me absolutely insane.


Jeffers, Santos, Denilson and Park are just some of the shocking signings Wenger has made over the years. But Xhaka absolutely shits on all of them as the worst signing Wenger has ever made. He came with a hefty price tag, a big reputation and he’s been nothing but an utter disaster.