Granit Xhaka (34)


Clearly didn’t live up that Bundesliga hype. Still, it’s no different a story to the majority of our signings. You can chalk it up as Xhaka being crap but there is a clear pattern of players going on a downward slope when they join Arsenal. It takes a special player to do well here.


nah not true. We build up and rework a lot of players and have a world wide famous reputation for building young talent, we’ve nearly shipped a whole starting eleven to Barca in the past decade+ for a reason. And if anything we’re known for improving midfielders, which is partly why Xhaka is a bit of an odd one out, and partly because he is compared to his two predecessor midfielders we -made- world class, Cesc and Santi.

You just don’t see how many players other clubs and managers fail to improve/utilise properly, I think at least. And especially taking in how much money they all cost imo.


Cesc was a while ago. I mean more in recent times lets say in the last 5-6 years or so. Some players have spells here but consistency is rare.


I’d say out of a typical starting 11 lately, something like Cech, Kolasinac, Monreal, Kos, Mustafi, Bellerin, Xhaka, Ramsey, Özil, Sanchez, Laca, going through them one by one I’d say perhaps Cech and Xhaka have done worse. If cases are needed for the last three, Sanchez first three saesons here were clearly better than his Barca spell, and Özil came here and set records like most assists in the league or in the world (as in the top leagues in Europe), Laca is still way too early to tell. The entire back 5 of defenders have had a career upswing here imo.


I’ve honestly not seen a player performing any better than Denilson in 90% of the games this guy has played. The way he’s giving the ball away this year is completely unforgivable in a midfielder. Because it’s not costing us consistently doesn’t stop it being a massive issue.

We laughed about Sissoko for £30m but we’ve got no better a player here.


Obviously you haven’t done Research on Ozil’s assist ratio on his time at Real Madrid.


We know people at Arsenal analyse match tape. Why haven’t persistent errors been coached out of him yet?


I would however argue that fact he had WC players all around him then. Makes his job far easier than supplying the likes of Giroud and Walcott.


Do we? We haven’t learnt from any mistake for about 10 years now


Yeah I’m not disagreeing with that, I’m just saying you can’t say Ozil came here and started setting assist records, he was getting more assists then anyone long before he came here.


Match tape is certainly watched and reviewed by analysts at Arsenal. Whether or not Wenger needs the advice I don’t know


Really? I guess it’s Wenger doing all the work. The fact is that by selling/getting rid of such a high-money signing Wenger would admit he was wrong. Too stubborn to do it.


Exactly lmao, I’ve often thought to myself that it would be a waste of time for this coaching staff to even bother, they seem intent on not changing a single thing.


Not taking the piss or anything, but I reckon we haven’t learnt a single thing since wengers inception. The same mistakes get created season after season, we even lost the CL to Barca because of being so fucking naive!


I don’t know what to think of Xhaka, is he been mismanaged by Wenger and co and is he a better player then what we have seen so far in his Arsenal career. OR simply was he was massively overhyped in the German league. Aside from one or two long range beauties and odd flash here and there of great play, he’s been a massive disappointment. He’s slow, is reckless at times in the tackle and gives away the ball far too many times for my liking. He was at fault for many goals this season. He shouldn’t be anywhere near our first 11 right now but Wenger doesn’t want to be made look bad again when it comes to his signings and he won’t be dropped.

I think we all can agree he ain’t a defensive midfielder, some of you might give me hell for this but I don’t think the Premier League suits him, it’s too fast pace. He probably suit German and Italian football to the ground. But he needs a rest out of the first team for a few weeks.


I think the way Wenger has mismanaged him has been to allow him to get away with shocking mistakes week in week out, though to be fair we don’t exactly have a replacement ready to slot in. Thankfully none of them have cost dearly yet that I can remember, but they will. Imagine he gives the ball away like he did to Newcastle today in the dying moments against a side like Liverpool instead. We’ll be punished eventually if he keeps losing his focus on the pitch.


Worst midfielder in the league.


Credit to Xhaka that he actually has improved on his rash challenges. That hasn’t been as much of an issue, and he’s actually had some nice tackles as of late.


Liked for positivity


Well thanks fuck for that.

Imagine being crap and costing the team to be man down on regular basis.