Granit Xhaka (34)


no it’s not, cant you read? 2020 PL champs.


If fucking theo is with us STILL in 2020 then this clubs ambition is officially as dead as fuck. Jesus i cant even take this season of the fucker i wish he would just fucking leave already he is taking up fucking squad space where someone like Nketiah or Nelson can play. They are 10x the player he is, at least they inject some movement and danger into the team, recently all walcott does is stroll around like a fucking numpty he doesnt care anymore.


it pains me to see Martinez in any speculative lineups.

Wenger will probably have Nelson at wing back too :smile: :smile:


Painfully true, i HATE it when he has such a fucking attacking talent and he puts them in defensive positions saying that it is for their education, it is utter BS. Yeah sure it is good to track back and do some defending but he sure as fuck doesnt need to be slotted in as a fucking defender.


I believe in Xhaka and his talent but today was embarrassing. He needs work and I’m not sure Wenger is the best man to coach his full potential.

This side seems so dysfunctional. Need a Simeone or Benitez to restore logic and order in the 11


Not Rafa Benitez surely?


Rafa is a 2nd choice to Simeone imo. This side is screaming out for basic organisation and structure Rafa would provide that


So could Alan Pardew…


I would honestly take Tony Pulis

the drive, discipline and organisation he’d instill would improve the current team results no end

Clearly there are many way better options but Wenger simply cannot motivate nor organise, the defence in particular is a joke


Rafa would be a very underwhelming appointment in my opinion. I think he’s some way off the level of coaches currently at the top clubs in this country and not one that’ll have us competitive with clubs with greater resources.

The difference all round of Rafa’s Napoli vs Sarri’s is telling. With the reputation Rafa has of being some kind of defensive/organisational genius, Sarri made significant defensive improvement both in terms of actual and expected numbers.

Allegri and the fraud would be my first picks.


Definitely a troll… what’s Pulis won in his career? and his football style is the worst


fuck off love, I’m no troll - just think Wenger is fucking shit and needs to go immediately

I’ve forgotten more about football than you’ll ever know

the point was about organisation, your hero couldn’t organise a piss up in the proverbial

dont know Why I’m bothering anyway, birds know jack especially you




Pulis has managed small teams his entire career and would ultimately be a disaster at a big club with many technical players, you are saying I know nothing but you’re incredibly outdated, imagine thinking Ozil or Alexis would listen to some shit manager’s methods who’s achieved nothing :laughing:



It’s true birds don’t know jack. A guy named Bill to me seems like a trustworthy source for football related matters. Ppl named Jade and Zara…not so much. Discuss :popcorn:


we all know Jack.

Seriously though. Don’t make @Phoebica and @Robin_L embarrass ye.


Yeah I know plenty of Jacks. Jack Sparrow is my fave.

British girls know more about soccer ball than American guys, discuss :wink:


Treading dangerous waters here :flushed:


Sounds like ‘birds’ know enough not to want Pulis as manager lol, something that can’t be said for everyone @GoonerBill1954