Granit Xhaka (34)


Haha nah that’s why I said even you would of controlled Mertesackers pass :stuck_out_tongue:

As much as I want to I just can’t do it, mainly cause of what I said earlier

If it wasn’t for that I’d be with you 100%

I did

Haha in all seriousness I got a little carried away with my wording there.


Of course I would have, I said Coquelin would’ve so that’s implied. :stuck_out_tongue:

The doubt offends. :smiling_imp:


Best looking couple I’ve seen


Nice to see him that close to someone for a change tbh.



He’s a fucking 40 year old man standing outside a black tie event wearing a baseball cap and holding an autograph book! Knobjockey.


Why the fuck are the players giving these mouthbreathers any fucking time of day?


Arsene’s greatest betrayal to this club is to allow a climate in which these Jeremy Kyle-esque fuckers manage to flourish.


Nah that’s the weak ass fan base we have where these guys are turned into pseudo celebs rather than having their ass beat on sight.


oh your god is what is wrong with this guy’s passing lol does he secretly play with broken feet or something?


FFS Xhaka is the new FFS Giroud


good ball tho for the lead up to the 2nd goal!


Yeah that pass was sublime. He’s actually not been that bad today.


yes he has been bad. Just because his forward passes have been good doesn’t mean he has. He’s not a #10. His forward passes have been good plenty of games that he sucked in earlier as well. And back when Giroud was FFS Giroud it was because he was that bad then.


So fucking slow! Get him out of the team immediately.


Does some horrendous things mixed in with some beautiful passes, all in all though I never feel really comfortable with him and I can see good sides exposing his weaknesses badly.


He was only pressured in a half-arsed manner for about 20 mins of the game and those 20 mins he looked like a spring chicken. The rest he had absolute freedom to just ping the final third and that may look alright, so does Elneny in the same situation.

I still feel that in a tough game where our opponent actually tries to win the midfield to control the game from there we’ll end up being so badly fked we’ll leave a #metoo hashtag on our official twitter afterwards.

A midfield that is poor under pressure = why we look alright at home but look like dirt away. However we have a long history of coaching midfielders well, eventually he will realise some of that Basel potential… amirite?


There’s room for improvement but I don’t think the ceiling is high enough to warrant investing much more time into him. Besides being a bit of a stupid player, I feel like his physical limitations will always be an issue, he’s just too too stiff & one footed.


GET RID!!! This is what I envision our future team looking like.


2020 PL champs baby, 50 unbeated. Invincibles mark II


That is a fucking terrible team.