Granit Xhaka (34)


Too fucking slow, completely disappointed at this guy.





This is for @GunnerGirl and his boyfriend from Switzerland :xhaka:


Useless wanker


This is not an overreaction at all. FLAMINI is better than this guy holy shit.


Not blaming Xhaka, system doesn’t suit him at all


God that touch he makes, inviting the challenge.


God, almost gifted Everton another goal at the end of the first half.


I don’t think he alone should be blamed for that first goal, I mean there was no shout. But yeah seems to have turned into a sack of spuds this season.

We need a diamond in midfield, not granite… (sorry :flushed: )


I would risk another Wilshere injury to keep this guy off the pitch.


A shout does hardly make his first touch any better.


Welcome back sacher boy.


Please don’t jinx him.


He’s back…now where is Sauerkraut? :thinking:


It was a poor touch that invited the challange but the Everton player definately fouled him when making the tackle


In that position, you HAVE to have better awareness… First touch was terrible and directionally away from pressure, but towards his own goal and then didn’t have urgency to get on it and deal with it… maybe it was foul, but it was terrible play from him. Other than that, didn’t think he was that awful though, and I am one of his biggest critics.


I wanted to be harsh on him but watching Ramsey play at right wing makes me symphatize with him. He is all alone.


I don’t think it is anyone elses fault at all, not team mates, not coaches. His lack of urgency, vision, control etc. while under just the slightlest pressure is absolutely an individual skill and character thing, it has nothing to do with anyone else on his side. He shouldn’t do that on a street game of football, with the u21 team, in a friendly, in training, on the beach or anywhere else.


Bit out his depth isn’t he?