Granit Xhaka (34)


Dick! Go out and get me 11 welbz!


I saw that brought up on MOTD and I was bloody laughing like a maniac. They don’t give a shit, they have no reason to, no motivation to do so. We’re a stunted club and will be as long as Le Dino is here.


Tbf lads and ladettes, he was doing something more important at the time… :eyes:


I really hope he was doing a bump of coke.


Awareness of a snail


He probably can’t believe his luck that his marker has just gone and left him in acres of space and when we win the ball back he’s going to deliver the most awesome long ball on the counter attack. If he moves then Cleverley might notice him and remember that he is meant to be marking him so our counter attack won’t work.


Sadly this is probably 100% accurate. There’s no demand for him to pay attention to both sides of the game.


Not the first or last whose just not suited to the prem at the end of the day.


Prem has little to do with it, combination of him not being good enough or well suited to Arsenal.


Maybe but the pace of this league wont help a slower player here imo. Plus his lack of physicality is also letting him down.


Again, awful.




Yep, god damn awful. Pathetic waste of space!


Ah come on. Didn’t look like there was a “man on” shout there.


I wanted to come in here and say ‘In before the rage comes in’ but I see one minute wasn’t enough of time. :grinning:


Gave it away again


He just can’t play at the pace of the Premier League. Sell him in january.


I’m hungry after training, eating while watching the game, raging so hard right now haha


Yeah fuck this guy, he loses the ball in terrible positions consistently.