Granit Xhaka (34)




Jesus if that’s true what an idiot.

What the fuck does he think he is?! He’s fucking white too!


Maybe it’s me, but it always seems a bit pity that people call the police for this stuff.

He shouldn’t have said it nonetheless. Especially as such a public figure.


Bad week for Granit


He’s not the sharpest pencil in the box is he?


He’s a bit like the mate you have who’s a decent bloke and a laugh and all that, but just now and again just fucking loses it. Basic personality. Not sure it can be modified.


If true wouldn’t be the first or last time a footballer made a faux pas but to do it in the week he’s seen red and will miss four games just compounds his idiocy.

Get your shit together Granit.


I agree.
I’m not defending him, but if everyone who worked on the trains, taxis, ferries, buses, or any transport facility, or anywhere dealing with the general public, phoned the police every time they were verbally abused, the country would be gridlocked with police interviewing potential victims.

How many hours, and how much money has been wasted, looking into this?
Why didn’t they just call airport security if it was such a big deal?


Christ! Mad Granit :coq: :bellerin:


lol. Granti got dat @MilesDavis swag.


Pretty sure muslim albainains/kosovans don’t consider themselves white


Can we just sell him? No place for racism in this club. Total dickhead.


I guess it is technically racist but come on, really?

Why couldn’t he just call her an ‘orange faced’ bitch? I mean, i don’t know if she is a bitch but working as cabin crew she probably does have an orange face. So unless she’s of oompa loompa heritage it would have just been reported as an altercation on a plane. Now the media will be baying for racist blood.


It was a 3rd party police report too, the woman he supposedly said it to didn’t call the police some other passenger did, every chance it was a rival fan or just some dickhead miss heard him


The Independent report says that it was another member of staff who reported it, so probably not very likely that it was a rival fan.


Granit :facepalm:

but sorry, is racism if I call a woman "fucking white bitch) despite I’m a white man?


I suspect that maybe due to being Albanian/Kosovan he doesn’t consider himself to be white. Otherwise I can’t make sense of him saying what he has allegedly said


Most Ryan air/easy jet staff I have delt with struck me as definate spurs fans but can’t say I know for BA or the more expensive airlines


Air line staff are the scum of the earth but he’s still a silly bitch.


That’s bullshit because he’s clearly white.

He’s got a jawline and complexion Hitler would be proud of. What a fucking numpty.