Granit Xhaka (34)

He’s has arguably one of his best seasons and still no club wants him. :grinning:

You mean another somewhat big club doesn’t have use for a one paced, one footed midfielder who acts like a hardman but is actually just too stupid to have personal insight into mistakes.

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Leverkusen are a CL team now, would be rich for Xhaka to come to Arsenal, be shit, never play a CL match for us mainly due to him being a trash can, only for a CL club to buy him off us lmaoooooo :joy::joy: won’t happen tho Seoane is a genius he wouldn’t want this scrub shitter.

He’s actually shown the door.


Least suspicious thing I have ever heard.

If we managed to get rid of him because of sketchy betting stuff it would be very funny.

Arseblog :joy::clap:


My juju is strong.

Youll learn to know that Im truly not a Granit Xhaka fan.

The sooner he goes the better. We will never move on as long as he is considered a part of our first XI and squad.
Thats why id love to get the Tielemans deal over the line as it means we have someone to finally replace him.