Granit Xhaka (34)

I think that companies like the Athletic and Amazon don’t quite understand Xhaka’s relationship with fans. He isn’t box office, most of us literally cannot stand the sight of him and can’t wait for him to leave.

I don’t want to follow his rehabilitation process the same way I don’t want to read articles about him that speak about his highly he’s viewed internally.

Xhaka is a shitter, and a very easy to dislike shitter at that too.


With the drama of the transfer window and our first three losses over, things are probably a bit quiet on the drama front at the club so they’re probably just using Xhaka to develop a comeback narrative for emphasis and as a bit of filler.

I agree with you though and I’m sure Amazon know that as well, they just need material.

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when is this ‘all or nothing’ thing coming out and what time period does it cover? anyone know?

edit: oh nvm it says right there (one season, next year) :sweat_smile:


Any team that is relying on a player as limited as Xhaka is a team going nowhere.


Nailed it. Even people who are ostensibly “pro” Xhaka aren’t claiming he’s anything other than a functional piece of the midfield. He’s also not exactly a beloved character or personality in the way other functional players are. He’s been an asshole to the supporters but some people hand wave it away.

I really don’t give a shit about him or his rehab. It’s probably the least interesting thing about this season to me.


Arsenal using Amazon for propaganda on the worst elements of this club.

Xhaka, Arteta, Lacazette gonna get glowing reports.

What an account! :rofl:


Lol this is why I never buy into the he ain’t so bad argument. Dude is legit just a poor player in a pivotal role. You might get away with a clown on the flanks but when the heartbeat of your team is doing shit like that you’re not going to get the results.

Really hope we’re already looking toward who we could buy in January and just not waiting for this one man circus to get healthy.


As I said, his injury will(might) compel Eduteta to get a replacement and the injury will end up a blessing in disguise.
Wish this compulsion came in summer so we could secure someone actually good.

Xhaka makes more mistakes from positions where he’s under no pressure, that cost goals and points, than any other PL player and a good game for him is when he doesn’t make a mistake.

It’s astonishing that Arteta thinks he is some sort of leader and is the first name on the team sheet.
We’ve gone from real leaders and winners like Adams, Keown, Campbell, Giberto, Henry, Vieira, etc to this clown, so it’s no coincidence that we’re in the position we’re in.

Jack hates him aswell you love to see it

Jack Wilshere thinks Mikel Arteta’s side can cope without Granit Xhaka

We just about managed to cope with him in the side, with his slow movement, idiotic decision making, red cards, stupid fouls and passing to the opposition.
So I think we’ll be ok without him.

In fairness, I’d rather have Jack there instead of Granit!


Man it’s sad to see Wilshere fading so hard

Recovery ahead of schedule

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So, anyone want to admit to missing this guy yet?

We don’t have control of the midfield with him and we don’t have it without him which leads me to believe that whilst losing him does make us worse - having him doesn’t make us much better. :man_shrugging:t2:



Admitting that we miss a player as slow and prone to mistakes as Xhaka, is saying we are a club going nowhere.

No other club wanted him so why would we miss him?

Imagine any top manager like Conte coming here and giving him a new contract, like Arteta did, rather than getting rid of him.

But we don’t have a top manager and that’s why we still have clowns like Xhaka.


Do we miss a midfielder who makes us play even slower?

Do we miss a guy who makes big mistakes?

It’s a tough call but I have to go with no.