Granit Xhaka (34)

We shouldn’t even admit to him being a former gunner imo.


Why has he not left yet?

Because he’s so shit Mourinho’s not even willing to pay half a Ramsdale for him


EUR 20m is about as good as it was going to get.

He’s 29 in a couple of months and his reputation in England is in the gutter.

Should be grateful for his good Euros showing as that strengthened our hand.

Just needs to get gone and we can burn this thread to cinders


“Deal in total” implies including add-ons, so I hope the club is getting at least 15m Euros in the straight up transfer fee. I don’t mind holding out a bit with Italian clubs playing games though, we do have to show we are not a soft touch, and same goes for selling to French, German, etc. clubs also.

If we go by what multiple reliable sources said a few days ago, this should be wrapped up this week.

Hoping for things to move forward this week. Let’s hope by end of this week, this guy is not an Arsenal player anymore. Hope the same for Bellerin but apparently there are not takers for him :bellcry:


Both have takers, it’s just that they have their preferences(Mourinho for Xhaka, Inter for Bellerin) which is what is delaying things. :man_shrugging:

When I see the jersey number still next to Xhaka’s name, I know we are still getting stuck with him

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That’s not his shirt number, that’s how many years he’s going to be here. :grinning:


Annoying and depressing that Arsenal seem to be one of the worst clubs at shifting deadwood out.
Then, getting hosed on the fee.

Is Iwobi or Chamberlin the last transfers that Arsenal sold that felt like good business?

In this case, I’d give a pass to the above just to get this dickhead far away from the club.

Get this done so we can finally move on please.

Mourinho knows the situation and hasn’t intention to pay what Arsenal want.

Granit wants to leave and will push to be sold soon. 13/14m the fee we will receive.

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I think we end up with some sort of compromise, no idea what exactly that fee will be.

Arsenal don’t have a lot of leverage but neither do Roma really. Mourinho has made it pretty clear that Xhaka is central to his plans.

Neither club has had much reason to give in because Xhaka was on holiday and we are assumedly still waiting on Locatelli anyway. But that should change this week or next. At that point if the deal isn’t getting done its actually potentially causing problems for both clubs.

Regarding leverage it is funny that for Locatelli there is Arsenal in for him to put some pressure on Juve, but for Xhaka there is absolutely no one else apparently willing to compete with Roma for his transfer. Despite some heroics in the Euros as well.

Yeh because he’s shit and the only dirt pounder in world football to even be remotely interested is Mr negative football himself :joy::joy:


The funny thing about this is once his transfer is complete I am anticipating some bad mouthing of Arsenal from him, some spin about how somehow he was too good for the club. If he doesn’t do that and acts with the surprising class Ozil did when his transfer was completed, I will stand corrected. His arrogance at times is a bit comical, and for a reality check he needs to see only Roma was in for him, and at much reduced price from what Arsenal paid for him.


Fabrizio said he had many offers, he’s just hung up on joining Mourinho. Inter almost signed him last summer but he decided to stay another season, we didn’t hear a thing about that then.


That’s the thing with the overlay with Locatelli, who is dead set on Juve, but Arsenal jumping in for him keeps Juve a little bit honest. No such luck in selling Xhaka. I do want us to hold firm a little though. Quite obviously we seem to have an established reputation of being soft, or weak, with transfer chess, so we do need to work on changing that over time.

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You keep saying Inter nearly signed him but I’ve never heard this before? What’s your source?

Fabrizio revealed it a while ago. Yeah, we didn’t hear a single thing back then.
Tells you a lot about some moves being kept under wraps.