Granit Xhaka (34)

Both are pretty crap tbh…

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:wenger: :wenger: :wenger: :wenger: :wenger:

I can’t stand how dependent we are on him. We almost never play well without him.

The state of this club.


Respect Granit Xhaka. His passing might be premeditated, but at least it reaches its destination 99/100 times.

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He would not have made a difference in this game lol


We lost 2 1 with him in the team?


Come again? This man is the cause of most of our problems on the pitch lol

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Yeah lol… we are crap with and without him… he has been less crap than the diabolical turd he was last year… but he is still meh.

State of the club is really abominable… need to jettison hairboy asap and start f*ing over. Maybe we get lucky and Kroenke says “what the Ek” and sells the club.

Arsenal fans…


The players don’t seem to come into the argument though man. That’s a problem too.

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We progress the ball so much better with him on the pitch. Partey was all alone today, he was getting double and even triple teamed by Villarreal at times.
ESR, Odegaard and Saka later on in the game couldn’t support him properly.

I agree his arrival was rocky but he has been one of our best players this season for whatever reason.

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Because we are awful and that isn’t a hard ask. We are in 9th place, 3 points behind Everton who has a game in hand on us. Behind WHU by 9 points… Aston Villa could catch us with their game in hand. FFS Leeds is only 2 points behind us. We have some talented players who have been inconsistent as f*ck, a few young guns who are exciting, and a really good LB. Even our purported best player (Auba) under his swank new contract basically has way under-produced this campaign.

I think it’s definitely a tough ask for Xhaka to be consistent. :rofl:

lol well tbf (and I am the utmost hater), he has been relatively consistent and ok-ish this year.

I can’t for the life of me, understand people defending a player who has been absolutely pivotal to our decline as a club. He is the spine the hub of the fucking rot that’s on the pitch


Xhaka’s methodical passing was missed in this bad Arteta team. Partey showed himself to be ill-suited to the assignment of playing as the #6.

Would Xhaka have made a difference? He would have given the ball to Tierney who is often our most dangerous attacking player. That to me is enough to suggest he would have made a difference.


Yep - I probably underrate him a little bit because I hate him so much, but for me the worst sin for a central midfielder is being so unaware and slow-thinking as he is… I just can’t get over that… its sort of like certain people can’t appreciate even the qualities of Ollie G because they hate the kind of player he is.

TBF Partey hasn’t been very good for us at all this year, has he?

I would say off the top of my head I have walked away from matches thinking I am less than impressed more often than the reverse… having said that, I do believe there is more there, but something isn’t clicking.

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Us being dependent on him is a fact. Whether we like it or not is another.

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Yes very reliant to carrying us to 9th or 10th place… thank goodness for our Granit.

(kidding of course, I suppose it could be worse)

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