Granit Xhaka (34)

Say what you will of him, at least the guy is a professional in the training ground.

There is a reason I think why he is never injured, despite being at this cursed club.

I bet he always puts in maximum effort. If only he wasn’t so dumb at times


I had completely forgotten that he fell out with the fans this season, what game was that again?

He’s done well to move on from that


I think as much as it pains me to say it, it’s pretty damn clear that until we can get some quality acquisitions in midfield we are better with him in the starting 11.

@will24 it was against Palace at the end of October.

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I think it’s because he can’t run fast enough to get injured


Crystal Palace home game in October 2019.

Yeah it feels like years ago now :joy::joy: a time when Corona was only a beer.


He looks much better when he’s pushing forward, than when he’s playing the DM role.

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Partey behind him could be a very good combo

We still need 1-2 CM acquisitions but Xhaka has been decent since that dark moment.

This club are so faffy in the way they conduct themselves though, that we’ll be asking him if he wants to stay or not and we’ll be left with him writing a pro/con list of why he should stay at Arsenal.
All the while leaving us hamstrung and needing to buy/loan some poor sod in the last week of the transfer window.

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Nah it’s still bun this guy.

Hopefully this can drive the price up


He played great against a soon to be championship side eh? Wow such amaze :clap:


Brilliant game again. Seems like he is a big game player, always turns up.

The best I can say is that he is getting further away from being one of our biggest problems.

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343 hides his deficiencies but then makes us limp af going forward. Just keep in mind while praising him, he’s the reason there are 5 defenders on the pitch, and did Xhaka do anything to create big chances for us? Him plus 5 defenders is just shit football to watch. Depressing tbh.


I agree.
Just another expensive, highly paid, low performing player that successive managers have shoe horned into the team because they think he’s good at what he does.
If any manager could explain to me what his area of expertise is, I’d be very interested to know.
Having the occasional game where he doesn’t lose us points is not any reason to keep playing him in the first team.

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Interesting. For me, Xhaka, Ceballos, Martinez and to a lesser extent Laca were our best players today.

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Kolasinac is basically on the pitch for defensive reasons due to Xhaka being inept. A two man midfield should be capable of doing the work it’s taking 3 men to do at this point and that’s because Xhaka is inept.

Need to rethink those reasons.

Needed Kola or Mustafi subbed off for AMN. Think his fresh legs would have helped.

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When we played 3 men in midfield with Willock we honestly looked better.

Sure as we had another player trying to get forward with Ceballos.

The problem is that Kola and Mustafi always, always have a howler in them. Get rid of those two and find someone that can partner with Ceballos to drive the team forward.

Team isn’t built to play having to connect 10-15 passes. Some quick counter play to Pepe/Saka would help.

Really frustrating loss.

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