Granit Xhaka (34)

Bumping this based on Ornstein reports that club open to selling him this summer. Raul better be open to selling him. :wave:

Let’s hope the injury today isn’t serious then to evaporate what resell value he does have.

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We all know it’ll be torn ligaments. Hertha Berlin won’t want him now.

This match was a positive result despite the loss. Chances are we were always losing this match anyways but we also got an important injury to Xhaka which forces dumb shit Arteta to drop him. Not a bad night.

Back in training, along with Sokratis

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Every single mother fucker gets injured on our team and is out for months, EXCEPT for this pile of shit. He’s the turd that just won’t flush :sob::sob::sob:

Whether you like it or not, we need him at the moment. For me personally he’s a little way down the fuck out list.

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Agreed, as bad as he is he’s average quality in our first 11, let alone our squad

The way things are going, Xhaka is going to be one of our elite players after this season.
Let’s hope we can keep hold of such a talented player.

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This is why there will be no belief in the culture change.
Player tells fans to fuck off. Player doesn’t apologize. Player wants to leave and believes himself better than the club. New manager comes in and stops play leaving.


Can’t believe Arteta turned Granit Xhaka into Xhaka Alonso. Needs the ginger beard now.

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One of our most important players under Arteta. Makes our midfield much stronger.

Which says a lot about just how bad it is :weary:

Why should Xhaka pander to our fans. Most of our fans are whinging cry babies. More of our players should tell them to fuck off.

Because we pay his vast wages for poor performances and a bad attitude.

No we don’t

It’s not a good thing, bro. His importance is rather a sign of how inept the other midfielders are, Ceballos included.


Should’ve been the one who got a contract extension.

Put him with a box to box magician, and he’ll play, big time.

Don’t put yourself down mate.