Granit Xhaka (34)

Arsenal football club captain and vice captain 2019/20


Well they do yell at their teammates all the time so you can tell they’ve got a knack for leadership.

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Next stop LA you say? I almost wanna buy a ticket now just to go heckle Xhaka and continually tell him how shit he is and to leave our club. However seeing as we’ve not purchased a single first team player and these are the same cunts who threw away top 4 and got shit on in a European final, I don’t want to waste my money on these scrub shitters.


O bhaiiiiiiii

Maro mujhe maro

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Have no idea how this lad managed to hack his way to the Arsenal captaincy and having a considerable fanbase.
Madness. Go after your dreams kids, you just may achieve them by some fucking way.


He is such a limited player and I do believe we signed him without Arsene watching a single minute of tape on the guy.

I was hoping we’d manage to flip him to Italy for some extra transfer budget but it looks like we’ll be treated to another season of him waddling around midfield and hitting a long diagonal to Sead on the left. :laca:

He’s probably a useful squad option at a fully functional team but I just don’t enjoy watching him play for the same reason I thought Carrick was boring as hell to watch.

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LOL, I’m gonna sound like a hypocrite here but he did well after the youngsters came on. It’s evident that he’s got an engine, second wave usually kicking in some time into the second half.
Still, very inconsistent.

Someone needs to teach him about moving his fing feet when defending… that hipcheck move is fing ridiculous.


It’s like watching an unfit dad getting bullied by his teenager son. Looks so ridiculous in the replays.

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I genuinely don’t think Xhaka lacks good things about him as a footballer. It’s just that there are too many bad things as well that worries me every game lol


Odds this is our new #4 if Elneny fucks off?

doubt he will change, he took it from Coquelin as it was the number he wanted

Yeah, what Luke said. The number 34 means something to him. He even has the number tattooed on him (twice!). You can give me your money if you want to bet on it though? :smile:

Im fully behind you now @BigWeng_4LYFE.

This guy should be nowhere near a free flowing and fluid footballing style, which we strive to play.

Stiff, clumsy, one-footed and braindead “tough guy” merchant.

My hope for this season is that The Ceballos signing will be the end for this twat in the starting lineup. Its absolutely crucial Unai starts to phase him out.


Worst player on the field. So immobile.

Didn’t see the match, what did he do now?

the usual a lot of mistakes and slows down the play soo sooo much, we are full flowing then the ball gets to him he ponders on it he breaks up our play constantly.


He’s useless. Trying to guide our players when he himself has terrible defensive awareness and was a complete liability due to his immobility.
He does this thing where he starts chasing the ball but because he’s so slow he stops which catches his teammates by surprise and causes a fuck up. I’ve seen him do it a couple of times but today it was his specialty.
Honestly, get Guendouzi and Torreira who know a thing or two about playing deep in 2019.


what i hate is when we are in a full flowing counter attack the ball reaches him and he keeps it at his feet for a couple of seconds to look up then he takes a second of 2 to make a decision then pings the ball off to someone which he usually misses completely and kills our attack dead…pisses me right off.

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He’s shit dude. Guendouzi seems to have overtaken him at every department except long shooting in a span of a year. Hopefully he gradually loses his place. I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility anymore. He will be found out and Emery will have to save his job.