Granit Xhaka (34)


Judge his nipples next year after Adidas take over. Anyone can appear to have great nipples in a match issued Puma shirt.


We used to have Vieira, Petit, Gilberto, Fabregas and Cazorla. This cunt and the rest of them are not fucking good enough. Fallen off hard


Xhaka and Mustafi we wasted 65M on these gormless pricks. 65 fucking million.


Bang average talent, I think we have worse players to get off the wage bill before him, the likes of Mustafi, Kolasinac, Elneny, Jenks, Cech, Kos been the main ones. He be decent back up for next season, the guy would be fine for a mid table club in Germany, Italy or Spain. I said it in his first season for us that PL doesn’t suit him and been at a big club is a step up too far for him. I think he has another season with us but he be more a squad player i reckon next season then he be shifted off.


This guy, what a fucking brain donor. You’re defending near your goal post, with no pressure on you, the ball comes into you, and instead of putting it out of play, you put it back into the danger area with a tame header. You cannot coach that out of him, you just have to realise he is an idiot.

If I were an opposition manager playing Arsenal in my next game, all I would tell my team is to press Xhaka and not give him time on the ball. Do that, and he is bound to make a mistake, which will most likely give us a chance to score.


He is just shit and careless. Sell him in the summer.


I was surprised at how few of our players’ contracts are up in summer 2019 according to transfermarkt.

Another year of Jenkinson for example. Several of Mustafi :expressionless:

I can only see Cech, Lichtsteiner, Ramsey and Welbeck leaving for certain


Flawed statsDNA player that has great numbers and was bought because of those numbers.


Despressing state of affairs, not saying Ramsey is worth 200k or whatever it is, but reality is he’s one of our top 5 players. So losing him isn’t going to improve us.


It’s going to keep us inside the 7% rule tho.

I can’t see how those 4 players I mentioned are on a huge collective wage between them, so hopefully we can sell a couple of Elnenys / Mustafis in the summer to improve the outlook.

And agree with @shamrockgooner Ozil needs to go this summer if at all possible. If Emery’s decides he’s not his man, then all he is a £350k millstone around our necks.


Instant like. :+1:


Yet another fuck up we can thank Ivan for. I don’t think any of our StatsDNA guys have really set the world on fire. Maybe Rob Holding, but I’m not sure he was one of those guys.


Ouchies but i guess it is no surprise


Emery banned juice but Xhaka be like idgaf


mOSt vITaL PlAYer iN oUr SySteM



Chocolate on his pancakes? No wonder he’s so slow.


No wonder he is so speedy!


Fat bastard.


Git in mah bellllyyyy!!!


Personally give this guy a lot of stick for being brainless and useless at times but gotta give him credit today, big game from him.