Granit Xhaka (34)


It’s encouraging but let’s hope he continues to build on it. He certainly looks like a big beneficiary of Emery’s arrival. I’m beginning to appreciate how he moves the ball forward a lot more now too. He really does pass between the lines well and he’s integral to us transitioning from defence to attack.


Xhaka didnt even believe he did it



He’s looking like a 35 million pound player this season. Along with Torreira, they could prove to be one of the best center midfield pairing in the league if they continue getting better. Xhaka was excellent agaisnt Liverpool, his best game in a Arsenal shirt imo. I even thought he did well at left back for us in the games he had to play there. Happy he is proving us who doubted him wrong.


Lol, bit early for that kind of chat.



But it’s nice to see him playing well, hopefully beside Torreria these kind of performances will become the norm instead of the exception.


Going by Xhaka’s last 2 season, it could very well be his 2 month purple patch that he seems to have every season.


I think it may well be different this time, because it’s the first time since he’s been at the club that he’s had the right fit next to him.


I trust him to be constant under Emery. Every players say Emery always wants them to improve.






Gotta go he’s shite


If you ever want to know why Arsenal are having a hard time moving from that 4 - 6 fodder team, to an actual title contender, look no further than shit head morons like this playing a major role for the club.


This is him picking his nose while watford scored the winner against us last season. I see a lot has changed under Emery :joy::joy:


Wtf dude just wtf


Thought he was great today and a lot of his work went unnoticed. Looked like a captain out their. Will gladly over eat on the humble pie tonight.


He’s basically looked pretty good all season when paired with Torreira in the centre of the park.


It’s annoying that he’s suspended for the United game. He gets a lot of abuse – even seen United fans tweet things like “Xhaka suspended, advantage Arsenal”. It seems to be “cool” to think Xhaka is shit, but actually I think we’ll miss him


Or it could be because of history of being poor for us.


I don’t know how we’ll set up against them now. Two holding midfielders again? Or just one with Ramsey and Ozil in front?


Under Emery he’s totally turned it around, I need multiple seasons of good performances before I genuinely believe he’s the answer in midfield but it’s been encouraging to see him go from absolute joke to one of the first names on the team sheet.

Torreria is a God send.