Granit Xhaka (34)


What the fucking fuck.

That performance is probably the most promising thing about the direction we’re going in. I have never seen as good a performance as that from Xhaka in terms of competence and sensibility.

He must have been heavy watching the Emery videos.

Unbelievable. I still don’t believe it. My MOTM with Bellerin just cos who they were before the season and what job they had to do tonight.


A tactician can actually improve players.

Such a novel concept :laca:


It seems that playing as full back has done him well tactically :smile:


I knew he’d get better with Torreira but I didn’t see this much improvement. Fantastic from Granit


Dare I say it? Granit was rock solid tonight.



Imma let you guys praise Xhaka but be cautious


Always been world class mate.


Had a decent game today but if we wanna win the league and start beating the other top sides this is the main area I’m looking at making an upgrade. Well a technically astute CM, a top winger, oh and top CB too.


Impressive stats…that aren’t actually contained in the tweet.:tired_face:


That face should be made into an emoji for here to sorta say ‘not bad’


That face is ripe for being emojified


@Bl1nk You got some work to do Dutchy :unai:


Yeah I like it!


Most tackles, recoveries and passes on the pitch last night :fire:


Damn, this mofo was really something against Liverpool. Once again, in the same season, he far succeeded his last best performance. What really did it this time was his defensive contributions, which usually is non-existent. :clap:


literally didn’t believe my eyes when i saw this


Haha neither did I. Thought this was gonna end up a penalty to Liverpool when I seen him sliding :joy:


Torriera is bringing the best out of him and it’s no surprise that someone that actually can implement tactics is giving him more protection. The difference between him at Gladbach and here under Wenger is that he was playing in an actual system rather than pure chaos.

He closely follows Iwobi as our most improved player


A competent manager makes a normal player look good. Surprise surprise!


Good game from him when it counted. Needs to keep showing this. If him and el torero can hold down the middle, that would be huge for our transfer priorities. I have been his biggest critic but he was good yesterday. Don’t remember a single Xhakalamity moment.