Granit Xhaka (34)


So Henchoz is a racist then





Played a good game today imo. Lovely assist and goal


Can’t complain today. Good performance and great goal.


Quite a good match

It continues to make me laugh how much people hate him for no reason at times.


Good showing, however, he can have a good match and subsequently over five poor ones.

People don’t hate him, they just know that he isn’t the answer for us.


It’s completely over the top at times. He controls very well in the middle for us, look at how many touches he has and how accurate he is generally with the ball.

He’s prone to mistakes for sure but it’s honestly been getting on my nerves for a while now


For no reason at times? :joy:
Sorry, didn’t know the left footed Xabi Alonso played for us. If not, sorry for having great standards for a deep lying playmaker at Arsenal FC.


Yes, for no reason at times. Certainly they have every reason to be infuriated with the mistakes he sometimes makes, but in other situations he will have a perfectly solid match and will still get dogs abuse.


I don’t think that is true tbf… I think people don’t like him (like me) bc he lacks the basic ingredients of becoming a good CM/DLP (intelligence, quick thinking, poise), but I try to watch carefully and judge objectively on the performances… he had a good game today, but I have not seen anything better than average this season from him and most are way worse.


I’ll be honest here. Hardly ever saw anyone bash on Xhaka after having a good match. Take into account though that I have been re-using the forum for the past 2 months or so. Maybe I missed something.
Still, demanding Xhaka to be consistent shouldn’t be a issue. The lack of the demand of it should actually be a negative. His position in a team is an integral part in football. It could literally make or break a team.
Especially from last year where he used to be our deeper player in the midfield but shockingly unable to defend.


I’m not necessarily speaking about this forum, just the general fanbase.

I agree with you that he needs to be more consistent, but one of the things that bothers me is how people seem to think Guendouzi should be in the side ahead of him. I like him, but if Xhaka had made some of the mistakes he’s made this season there would be no end to the abuse, and yet people want to see Guendouzi instead?

I don’t think that makes any sense at the moment, as promising as he is Xhaka controls the ball better and will keep it for us more. Him and Torreira should be our partnership in the middle for me right now.


Give Xhaka time and space and he’s a good player, it’s when we get relentlessly pressed that the concerns come.


Yeah for the time being Xhaka x Torreira seems balanced but you have to understand that so far we haven’t seen Xhaka x Torreira against any proper side that wants to hurt you. So far we’ve made sides like Cardiff and West Ham bully their way through our midfield with either duo.
The thing with Guendouzi is, he’s 19 years old, just came to the club after playing in Ligue 2 and moved to a different country . The demands from me are still fairly low and so far he keeps checking the boxes.
I want to see how the Torreira-Xhaka pivot start and perform against the upcoming Everton and Watford. That will give me a better understanding of their dynamic and capabilities.


Which is essentially every game :joy:


Oh for sure Xhaka and Torreira haven’t been tested so far like they will be, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t our best partnership currently. I believe that Torreira simply has to play, that’s a certainty for me at this point.


Well not every game. Some teams seem kind of brain-dead to realize it’s our achilles. Plus some sides just can’t keep it up. Even Chelsea when we played them just couldn’t keep pressing us for the whole first half and we punished them.


The team may not get pressed but he does consistently.

And it’s not even by the whole of the opposition team, one player can cause him to make repeated turn overs.


Him and Torreria played well. Want to see them both start