Granit Xhaka (34)


Awful as a defensive midfielder. Less of a liability if he’s got Torreira doing the donkey work. I’d bench him for the time being, wouldn’t get in my XI anyway. Guendouzi offers more all round


@Electrifying What had me lol’ing was when Xhaka was one v one with Anderson and he back peddled all the way almost to Cech and then just kinda like fell on the ground :joy::joy::joy: This fucking guy isn’t even a fucking football player it’s actually insane.


Time to sell him to the Serie A where they are still stupid enough to still consider him a great player. Don’t want to see him wearing our shirt again.


How much do you reckon we get for him? Consdering we sold Lucas Perez for peanuts to big spenders West ham, the guy who created the second most chances in La Liga last season, behind Messi.
10-15 mil for Xhaka sounds about right I think.


Passing well under no pressure was one redeeming thing about him.

Even there he fucked up now.


Let him go for free in january


I’ll almost certainly never meet this man, but I’m fairly sure I hate him :grimacing:


Can’t believe he is still starting over Lucas. Just fuck off!


He’s good for one or two big mistakes a match. Even if Arsene and Emery appear to want to play through him, how can we continue to have him in the team? Wouldn’t be shocked if he’s subbed again at halftime.


But, but…wont you find him sexy? :henry2:


He’s not bad looking I guess but I’m a sapiosexual and this guy’s amoeba-like footballing brain is seriously unattractive :smile:


For the love of god, what do you even offer??


Rough out there again.

Needs Torreria to start over him for at least a game or two.


Bin him, bin him, bin him!


The few benefits of playing him are far outweighed by the many negatives, I wanted him to be our Xabi Alonso but he just isn’t cut out for us.

Is cumbersome, easily pressed, thinks too slowly and just doesn’t have the requisite composure.

The fact he was given a new contract is just brainless from the club, but how much says Emery starts him in the next game? Didn’t know he was a masochist.


They’re feeding him those distribution horseshit stats. Fact of the matter is, Xhaka’s stats are a product of his own nano-balls. Hides when there is pressure, always picks pussiest of passes(not to mention how hard he hits them at times), takes forever to control the ball and turn. I could just go on and on. One of worst deep lying playmaker that passed this football club.

Denilson had more balls than this guy.


Sorry, but that’s not completely true. I don’t know why Xhaka is being underrated to such an extreme here, yeah he is underperforming, he is probably getting more game time than he deserves given what he shows on the pitch. But you guys are just highlighting and exaggerating his weak points.

He is in fact a great long-passer of the ball. He’s also a quite capable of great long shots.
He is indeed not mobile enough to play at this level but he’s not dogshit like you’re all making him to be. Wenger rated him enough to pay almost 40m pounds on him, and he hasn’t gotten any worse. In fact his disciplinary record has gotten better (he used to get a red card almost every second game IIRC).


That’s not a great reference haha.


First, Wenger would never pay that money for Xhaka. Blame Gazidis and co. for that. Wenger didn’t pay 30 mil for Hazard and Cavani. He certainly hasn’t sanctioned most of the transfers since 2016. Even for Laca I’m sure he didn’t want to pay that much.

And yes, I’ll give you the long shots but I don’t know about those long passes you are speaking of. Frankly, I never see Xhaka having the balls to put out a long pass that would really open my eyes for him. As we saw today, the guy pulled one of the most ridiculous attempts for a long ball and that led to us conceding.


Xhaka / Torriera
Night / Day

Drop Xhaka