Granit Xhaka (34)


Smith rowe :mustafi:


Better than Cacca. @Electrifying knows it in italian.


It means shite. I know my italian


Good boy :kos2:


Always thought it was spelled like this - caca lol ya learn something new every day.


It was to mean “fucking shit”, you swiss cunt.


Swiss piece of shit. If he starts another game for us this season, I will question Emery’s judgement. I don’t want to see him anywhere near the first team, not even on the bench. I want to see that sort of ruthlessness for Unai.


Jesus Christ you lot can be hormonal !!


Please will someone get this pile of shit out of our club…Really pleased that Emery took him off at half time, but should not get back into the first 11…

To think we opted for this guy over Kante!!!


We didn’t


He was okay yesterday. The moment he was subbed off, we couldn’t pass through the lines. Torreira was full of energy, but couldn’t move the ball and maybe that’s the reason he isn’t starting more.
For all his lack of apparent athletism, maybe there is a reason why Petcovic, Favre/ Schubert, Wenger and now Emery are persisting with him.


The curious / optimistic (sadistic?) side of me wants to see whether there is any improvement under Emery. Could there be? Is there a chance, Lord?

But on the other hand, he’s just such a braindead fucking twat at times with zero urgency to the defensive side of his game, that it makes me want to never see his stupid fucking face in an Arsenal shirt ever again.


I think the reaction to Xhaka has been OTT. He isn’t as bad as people are making him out to be.

Sure he has flaws – and sure he should be criticised for his defensive errors, but he does actually have some strengths which most people choose to ignore because they’ve already made their mind up about him. For example, his forward passing. But people only see what they want to see.

And while at the time, I thought taking him off at half time was probably the best thing to do, I think the second half without him showed us what he brings to the team. It was pointed out by someone on the radio, without him we were clearing our lines with absolutely zero control.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel like he is brain dead at times too and sometimes just want to hit his head against a wall, but he isn’t the worst footballer to ever play the game like you’d assume from reading this thread. He can offer the team something and i’m not prepared to write him off yet.


Nah. He’s brain-dead. Should never start for us again


Xhaka is a tough one because whilst he clearly adds value in our midfield from a transition and progressive passing perspective - he’s such a huge liability covering the defence that it almost negates his qualities.


His first touch isn’t great and he always wants way too much time on the ball. Till these two fundamental issues are addressed, he will always be average.


The best thing would be to get somebody with his skill set who isn’t as slow and moronic defensively.

There’s an abundance of DLPs in football these days, so surely we should be able to find one. Well we have in Guendouzi to an extent, I guess another one.


I regret everything i said about Xhaka. After all his parrents gave HIM and not his brother the house keys. Captain, leader, legend.


I know man after your trusted with the house keys over your older brother I thought that meant he was gonna be a great captain for us. Fucking disappointing :disappointed:


We looked at Xhaka and Kante in the same window…AW came out and said that we were interested but one of the reasons why we didn’t move so decisively was because of signing Xhaka.