Granit Xhaka (34)


I don’t think all of the posts after yours have been aimed at you, the idea that the right system or set up might improve Xhaka’s performances is one that has been floating around this forum for a couple of years. So I wouldn’t take any posts as being aimed at you personally, at one time or another I think most of us have suggested that the right set up could get the best out of him, but I think that now most of us are giving up on that idea :+1:


Just heard on the ABW podcast: “Granit can run all day, that’s not the problem. The problem is that he can’t run fast.”



Him being slow wouldn’t be a massive problem if he had better positional instincts.

Look at replays of the second goal. He hustles really well to get back (much better than Guendouzi to be honest) and help on the counter. But when he gets to the box he decides to just follow a City player who is drifting toward the corner of the box, then stands around watching, at no point realizing that maybe he should do something to cut off a cutback into the GIANT DEFENDERLESS AREA BEHIND THE PENALTY SPOT that Bernardo Silva runs into.


He’s 26 years old in little over a month’s time. These lapses of concentration aren’t going to be ironed out at this point. I think he’s simply not suited to a high press. You can’t play him higher up the field as he doesn’t possess the mobility needed either.

DLP is the only position, and then you need players to accompany him there. Those same players need to be functional enough to advance the play and not have to accommodate his lack of awareness all the time too. I agree with @hassassin 's sentiment that he should be played against teams who we would generally enjoy a lot of possession against. He can fizz balls left-right-and-center in those situations all day, I have no qualms about that.

I still would like to see if Emery can make something of him this season however.


Sorry I wasn’t calling you out, I think I’ve made the same kind of comments about him needing the right system but I still don’t know what it is. Originally people were trying to say he needed to be played like Pirlo or Alonso or something but I don’t think he has anywhere near the intelligence or appreciation of his surroundings to do what they did :thinking:

The only moderately outstanding part of his game is playing long diagonals with runners from deep. The closest thing I can think of in recent times is Leicester’s Drinkwater - playing with a Kante who can do the running and defensive work of 1.5 players, and be part of a team whose only outlet is long ball counters. But even then, Drinkwater was/is more mobile than Xhaka.

If the only thing he can be is the star player of a team, he really needs to take a step or two down the ladder.


Bench him forever


Ass cheeks.


Lmao poor Granit. I actually feel bad for him because he should have never made it to Arsenal to be exposed at this level. (I don’t think Wenger had a lot of impact on our signings the last few years, I think they’ve been stat DNA signings with Wenger signing off on them without being able to properly scout them). He’s bad but he doesn’t deserve the abuse aimed at him on social media.



He’s gotta sit on the bench for a while. I really thought Emery would find a way to play him in role where he could sit deep, pick passes and not have to move.

Clearly I was wrong. I don’t know if MG is the solution to our two man midfield problems but I definitely don’t want to see Xhaka play next week.

I’m curious to see how Emery handles the squad. There are players like Xhaka, Hector and Özil who haven’t played up to their potential in the two matches. We know Arsene would allow them a chance to play their way back into form, I’d like to see Emery bench them. I don’t always subscribe to the tough love school of thought but we actually have other options at those positions.


So I assume no news on a “niggle” at halftime that necessitated his sub? Embarrassing stuff really - I can’t imagine Emery risks starting him any more for a while - Torreira, Goozey, Ramsey, FFS even El Neny should be above him… and AMN when he gets back. Let him prove himself in cups until we can get rid. Would not be unhappy to never see him play for us again.


There was plenty of room in midfield out there today for him to play in. Proved once and for all he cant perform at this level.
Midfield pecking order wise he should drop down. Id be prepared to let him go to europe now if he can get a move. Sick of him really.


Should we look to offload him in JAN ? The quicker we find and indoctrinate a xhaka replacement the better.

Have a feeling Unai and Carcedo have made their final judgement on granit.


We could still sell him in Europe. Get rid of him tomorrow. See if Gladbach want him back


We would be pretty short in the midfield department though


Worth it tho


Who gives a fuck. Just get rid of him.


Damn, you are really ruthless nowadays.


That’s like asking someone at a GUM clinic whether they want gonorrhea again.




@LordBendtner, apart from joke, Torreira, Guendouzi, Elneny, Ramsey and Smith-Rowe are enough, especially as we play with a 2-man midfield.