Granit Xhaka (34)


Should have this summer.


Gwen better be starting at Chelsea next to Torreira, that much was made clear today


Gwen + Torreira as a two man shield? I don’t hate it.

Would keep Xhaka out of the team until we can figure out how to sell him when the transfer window is closed what to do with him.

If the midfield of Gwen and Torreira work, then I say play Xhaka in the Europa League. Let him spray diagonal passes to his heart’s content under the legendary Thursday night lights.


Gwen and Torreira is a pretty decent midfield based on what I’ve seen. They can both tackle and spray the ball about. Xhaka can do one of those things and needs 10 seconds to decide what to do.


I’m expecting torrential abuse here but I really think (perhaps not even within the Arsenal system) within the right setup he can become a top class CM. Desperate to see him next to Torreira just to see what it does for him.


This does nothing to help issues with his own game like suspect decision making and lapses in concentration which leads to forced/unforced errors

He’s become a liability in the 11


If you gotta continually say a guy MIGHT become a great player, IF he was in rhe right system, and IF he was playing alongside another certain guy…sigh.


I admire your optimism, but i really think that playing with modric and kroos would not help him.


He is just trash. Guess he is the only player who Emery will never improve. Hope to sell him in january.


Hopefully january.


On a long contract. We could be lucky to recoup most of the transfer fee next summer. He doesnt seem suited to the pace of the premier at all unfortunately. 2 full seasons and the same braindead mistakes are made. 70m for lolstafi and this guy looks terrible business now that Torreira were bought for 24m :joy:


You can’t trust anyone who’s surname is spelt from left over Scrabble pieces


I want rid of this guy…all the BS he comes out with on social media and he gives the ball away so many times and puts us under pressure. I was willing to give him another chance under a new manager but really can’t trust him anymore. Xhaka for the bench…others should be given an opportunity.


Granit’s insta page is such a mess with the comments lmao, it’s actually sad, hope it doesn’t affect him too much. Although I think it does cause he disabled his comments last year and I think that’s where it’s headed again this season.


Quiet Zuquelikop…


I don’t want a setup geared towards getting best out of an average player. Fuck that.

Drop Xhaka & Guend, play Torreira & Ramsey in middle. Put Ozil in CAM & Lacazette up ahead.


Think we got our wires crossed here. I never said a system built around him, I said a within the right system. There’s a difference. But either way, fair enough, I see your point.


Yeah it becomes a bit tiresome when you’re always talking about a player needing more ideal conditions to thrive. His shitty decision making and lack of mobility is what it is. He’s just not very good and if we need to change our entire system to accomodate him then see you later Xhaka because you’re not even close to being good enough to warrant an entire system accommodating your strengths and hiding your glaring and massive amount of weaknesses.


What even is this setup that accommodates him? The only time he’s actually looked not shit is when we were playing the ultra defensive 3-4-3 and we could barely string an attack together.


I wasn’t claiming to know the answer or solution. My initial comment stemmed from the idea we sometimes use that argument to defend an Ozil performance and it could easily be applicable with Xhaka. But Trion made a fair point which was it wouldn’t make sense to justify re-arranging a tactic to accomodate an average midfielder.