Granit Xhaka (34)


Can’t tell whether this is sarcasm based on you thinking he was useless. Or if you genuinely missed the fact that he played and was our captain yesterday, lol.

He only came back to training on Monday.


Won’t he just be getting an extended rest because of WC involvement? Also, he played more minutes than anybody for us last season (I think) . I imagine he’s just been given longer to recuperate than the others.


Genuinely missed that lol. I didnt catch the whole game.


New manager same shit.


Simply just can’t play against teams that are extremely good at the high press.


He’s constantly out of position. I think it’s his lack of mobility that has his confidence low. He knows he can’t keep up with the pace of a team like City or lolpool because he’s very slow and unlike a guy like Per who could make up for it with his fantastic ability to read a game, Xhaka doesn’t have a high IQ for the game either. What a piss poor player we have tried to shoe horn into out starting XI for about 18 months too long now.


Bringing him and Mustafi in during the same window for 70 or so million has set us back about half a fucking decade.


It’s funny cos it actually has. Mustafi, Xhaka and Perez :arteta: :arteta:

what a fucking window in hindsight. Remember when we thought that was a good one?! :arteta:


This guy can’t function without being protected by other players; 35mil on dross in my opinion


I was wrong.

He’s way below average.


So Wenger was not making him shit, he was just shit all along.


Seems so odd to reward him with a new deal. What was the basis for that!?


Does that mean he earns more than Kante now? You know, that midfielder with the outrageous wage demands that prevented us signing him?


Keep Arsenal tidy, put your rubbish in the



Only time he could be useful is playing against teams at home that we have 60%+ possession over.


Maybe to protect the asset?

I think it was worth keeping him, since he’s always fit, to see what Emery thinks of him. On today’s showing, I think it’s pretty clear that Xhaka has more problems than just “Arsene doesn’t do tactics.”

If he’s got three or four years on a contract maybe we can try to extract a decent transfer fee for a player who is theoretically heading into the best years of his career.


Agreed. Play him in games we will dominate and have like 70% possession only, make him out to be a half decent player then sell for around the same price we bought him for ASAP.


I’d snap someone’s hands off for 15m quid


His problems always went deeper than Wenger. I would imagine on average he makes the most defensive errors of the rear 7 players. There’s a reason I compared him to Denilson, despite us having many bad players under Wenger he’s stood out to me.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust him and I’m guessing eventually Emery won’t either.


I think soon enough Emery will sell him for N’Zonzi