Granit Xhaka (34)


Don’t think we have an issue with him shooting. It’s the other part of his game that needs improving. He is clumsy as fook…


With that warhammer of a left foot i would feel betrayed if he didnt use it. As long as it doesnt become an obsession ( im looking at you Ramsey)




Banned from WC means hes git to bang in bangers against Fifa Europa Emirates cup


Don’t understand why we’d put his long shots down. No one else in our team can shoot from his range.


I have to look up Serbia-Albania history to know the significance of that celebration, to understand whether i care for the FIFA action or not.
But too lazy for that


Why should we? Who said that?


Easily explained its fight over territory, in this case Kosovo. Albanians are the good, Serbians the bad and Jogi Löw the ugly.


Saw a stat yesterday he’s had 100 shots for arsenal. something like 24 of them were on target with 3 goals…


Yet for some reason the Albanians have a bad reputation across the world especially in UK. Always a matter of perspective.


Yeah that pretty much sums him up… you know, Ox had a rocket as well - plenty of other players can smash the ball, but most don’t do it in favor of better situations, especially if they can’t direct the shots well. Look at Coutinho in contrast for example, I’d be happy with him shooting outside the box any time he damn well pleases b/c the guy has guile and craft and sees the keeper’s position and can shape the shot the way he needs to.

In the case of Xhaka, it feels more like a hit and hope type of thing. No question he can generate power, but who the f*ck can’t at that level?


Absolutely. They didn’t have Milosevic though.


Xhaka getting roasted


^^^^ These guys saying what every Arsenal fan has seen with his own eyes for the last 18 months :clap::clap::clap:


The fact that Phil Neville doesn’t rate him makes me think that Xhaka may actually be world class


I do find it extremely weird how happy Xhaka is to let people just walk past him outside his own area. Like, he doesn’t even try the slightest to stop them.


Phil Neville is way over the top in his criticism (as usual). Xhaka didn’t cover himself in glory for Sweden’s goal and deserves some criticism, but Neville’s analysis is ridiculous.

And calling him a “fake”? How old are you?! That’s how Love Island contestants describe each other!


Phil Neville is a cunt.


Outside of the footballing world, who knew?:facepalm:


Is this guy injured or something. As far as I’m aware he’s not had minutes in pre-season?