Granit Xhaka (34)


Think Xhaka might actually be good and just needs a decent manager (not sure if Emery is it, though his defensive 3 midfielder formations will protect him), and that @A.F. is wrong about him being shit. :kissing_heart:


Xhaka doesn’t hold back.


Heavy fines incoming no doubts but I love it, what a world cup story!


Lol. He has such a DGAF face there


The Swiss are gonna be happy :mustafi:


Now we just need to play Serbian teams every week so he actually tries


How did I miss a Xhaka screamer at a World Cup :heart_eyes:


He has a great shot in him. Just need to hit the target more and not trying to kill some pigeons.


What is your opinion of pidgeons?


They take too much shit.


We call them flying rats in Denmark.




The UK is infested with the fuckers.


Just buy a paintball gun and go on an absolute rampage.


Yeah, fuck them. Flying cunts.


London certainly is.

And people who say “touch base”. Both filthy vermin…



At least three of those shouldn’t be in any sort of highlights compilation lol


It will be interesting to see if Emery will encourage him to take more shots like that from long range.
I still think Xhaka will be a decent player for us under a different manager, who will play him to his strengths.


He took plenty of shots from long range under Wenger already, they’re just mostly shit and forgettable.