Granit Xhaka (34)


Yep, it’s his last chance for us next season. If he can’t perform under a new manager he needs to leave.


Xhaka has improved a lot this season. His job is to get the ball and move it quickly and well, which he has been doing. He is one of those players who people love to hate on though– some people have decided he is shit, braindead and “can’t pass” and refuse to change their mind, even when video evidence to suggest the contrary is there right in front of them.

I think, theoretically, Torreira is what Xhaka needs. I can see their skill sets complimenting each other. I’m interested to see how it turns out.

Also, Tim Stillman wrote this article about Xhaka the other day. How he has improved and how Emery can use him etc. There is enough of a player there that he can be a real asset for us. He even mentions how there is an argument to be made about Xhaka being our player of the season.


He can be an asset, but we have had a litany of “pretty decent” assets for a long time. When you compare Xhaka to Santi, Cesc, and some of our other very solid or excellent CM/DLP/DM, he comes up woefully short.

My biggest problem with him is that he doesn’t have good positional awareness and seems reactive - it is subtle and not always easy to detect, but this is one of those things that made Cesc a genius - the guy had radar going on. And the passing… well Xhaka isn’t awful, but he isn’t great. I would say anecdotally that he doesn’t pass directly to the opposition quite as much as he used to, but I would in no way call him a passmeister.

As far as moving the ball along, yes that is one job - but he plays without the ball for 95+% of the game? He isn’t mobile, doesn’t tackle well, doesn’t seem to have good positional sense, and is an average passer at best so far. FFS even Song had a period of time where he was connecting with RVP with awesome passes seemingly game after game.

I acknowledge he is one of those players that I don’t really care for, but I hope he comes good, b/c we have some issues at CM if he doesn’t. I just don’t see the obvious signs of a footballing brain that inspires me. Right now I feel like he is doing better mitigating his weaknesses, but I still see the underlying flaws.


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Expect him to try to kick Neymar off the park today :grinning:




fuck off with your agendas cunt


I do have an agenda. My agenda is getting rid of all shit players in our squad so we can have a competitive team.


we have started to do that already starting with walcott and chambo :arteta: Xhaka has a new contract so i guess that means that the manager sees enough in him to be useful…was quite good actually at the end of the season.


Considering Xhaka is so much more shit than either of those guys he should be following them right out the door.


he still did well rest of the 2nd half but this was amazing by Jesus


Crap first half, good second.


He was better as the game went on, it was v arguably the best team in the world in the tournament too. Cut this guy some slack. Emery is a fan and that’s why he gave him the contract. He’ll transform him


Out of curiosity, has there been any mention / rumours of his new salary?

I assume it will be comfortably in excess of 100k, but was intrigued whether any numbers had been leaked / realistically made up (lol)


Well that new contract is looking extra sparkly now :grin:


Take a bow son!


This article was posted last year, but here it is again for anyone interested


Wow Xhaka with one of his patented rockets from 40 yards. Reminds me a lot of the patented Ronaldo free kick goal, both players do that frequently. Hardly ever see either of those guys sky it into the top row :xhaka:


Can’t play under a press, they said… :xhaka:


Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.