Granit Xhaka (34)


You are in free country. Do delude yourself, its your right




Thanks m8 will do


What did he suffer from?


Dude never gets injured. would really like to know what the guy is eating for breakfast.



Anyways, hoping for a serious injury to the bald cunt, the fat catalan three fideuás a day cunt, and Unai “ecksplaín me how the fuck we hired this guy” Emery, so we have to replace all of them.




Signed a new long term deal


That is great news. Can’t wait to see him under Unai.



This probs means a 3 man midfield


As if there was ever any doubt…


Never Unai doubt at all.


Good news. Need to see him under a new manager.


Good. Means we can get a good transfer fee if we eventually want to sell.




Done nothing to warrant a pay rise. Completely pointless.




God this club…

What a dumb fucking move!


why is it? he looked decent the end of last season even though he makes some stupid mistakes but emery and his staff with their attention to detail will give him some proper coaching and he could be quite a player.