Granit Xhaka (34)





Better now than towards the middle or end of the World Cup… hopefully it isn’t super serious and it wouldn’t be the worst to spare some of our players the WC.


fuck. He needs all the training he can get :sweat_smile: get well soon Granit


This world cup really does get shitter by the day.




Wait… his parents said he was made of stone ffs.


Hopefully a career ending injury and we’re forced to replace him.


wow really shitty comment


Guys a bit of a werido tbh


Fuck off out of here with that shit.

Uncalled for.


Dude, im no big Xhaka fan but this is just insane.


Fuck you Valon Behrami, you West Ham thug!

The Swiss FA have said Xhaka wasn’t taken to hospital, so fingers crossed it’s not too serious.


Lol I was thinking the same. I don’t want it to be career ending of course but he’s so trash. Hope we do replace him in a Debuchy kinda way.


didnt know you supported guns calum, i think you need to a long hard look at yourself and fucking change your avatar :henry2:


I hope he is well because I hope we sell the dumb fuck


Hope he comes good and bosses the league next year, handing you Wenger lovers another L


We can’t lose because then we will just say he was shit until Wenger developed him and then he had more assists than Hazard once he had a year under Wengers tutelage.


I knew he’d be OK. The guy is made of stone, he doesn’t do injuries



Living up to the mantle of the house keys