Granit Xhaka (34)


The midfield general will rise again.

It is written.


Moley had one shocker, Xhaka’s had like 25. No comparison. Oh and Moley’s shocker wasn’t even really one cuz Ornstein confirmed we wanted Allegri as our number 1 option. Leave Moley alone gonna report our madness early just wait.


Can’t believe people forgot how absolutely shit Xhaka is as a player.


In fairness to Xhaka he has a good amount of assists, more than hazard even.


He has been awful for us many times, however, I don’t think some realise how much a players form can be impacted depending upon the system in which they play in. Wasn’t it Xhaka that said he was surprised at the lack of instruction players receives here?

Similar players such as Jorginho would likely encounter similar struggles when placed in a system that is at best defined by discord, though of course he probably wouldn’t have had as many individual errors.

It’s why I’m willing to see what Xhaka is like under a manager that is actually tactically astute and quite demanding, simple things like the whole team pressing together will help the midfield to no end.


or maybe & most likely he is absolutely shit.


Yep and along with those 7 assist he also got 8 pre assist too (joint 1st for us along with Özil & Iwobi) solid stuff from our midfield maestro.


Nah, wheres the Mahrez thread in the player section? :thinking:


Massive USB stick incoming for this bloke. He will need to work very hard to get rid of his braindead tendencies.


Ornstein was wrong about Ozil too, said we’d not be buying anyone on deadline day. Moley > Ornstein.


Dude you got loads of followers, tricked thousands of gooners, just accept that the game is up now


It’ll be nice to see what Xhaka can do when he’s actually being coached.


I think that goes for pretty much all of the squad :arteta:

I have absolutely no idea what the hell wenger was doing with coaching for the past few years because it sure didnt look like he was doing anything.


Looks like the cult of moley is just down to us two now :sob:

We’ll have to go underground :arteta: :henry2: :poldi: :mustafi:


The Arsenal Mole Defence Force? :grimacing:


Only in the last games and against teams who didn’t press us.
It’s very important that Emery wants us to press so we don’t get pressed.


Yeah and in addition to that he wasn’t allowing anyone else control over anything, like Bould. I think that was clear as well.


Hey, I’m stil MKB too


Just in case anyone cares I don’t mind this being a reported stat. :smiley:


Don’t worry summer time is moley time. Gonna prove these doubters wrong Craigie my dood! Especially when we get Dembele on loan :grin::grin::grin::grin: