Granit Xhaka (34)


Yea specialist in failure, aside from the fact he won 3 CLs and 5 league titles in England alone.

Xhaka is an absolute flop


As manager yes :smile:


Souness is my favourite pundit to listen to when Arsenal play shit.


I think he’s been saying for about ten years straight that we don’t have any “men” in the team. That same line comes out literally every time we lose.

I do love how he goes in hard on Pogba at any given opportunity.


Not gonna pile on Xhaka after yesterday’s game. He’s been brilliant recently.


Tbf I didn’t say he wasn’t spot on, Xhaka should of stayed on his feet and tracked Pogba’s run but that’s basically the only thing he done wrong yesterday and got slaughtered for it, that and that pass he played behind Chambers but he made up for that mistake by marking Pogba and being in position to block the shot.

Barring that he was at the heart of nearly everyone of our attacks yesterday which is what he’s there to do and should be given credit for but nope people seem to think he’s a defensive midfielder for some reason.

When he’s a deep lying playmaker and a brilliant one at that, you’ve only gotta look at how much Özil trusts and links up with Xhaka to see that.

On another day any one of our midfielders would be getting praised for the numbers he put on the board yesterday.

Xhaka vs Utd

Passes completed - 71/79 (1st)
Final third passes - 10/14 (1st)
Longballs - 7/9 (1st)
Key passes - 2 (1st)
Tackles - 4/5 (2nd)

Even though he was the main reason why we conceded he’s also the main reason why we scored too.


Yeah he was much better in the second half tbf


I think Souness was very over the top actually. That one moment, sure, it was idiocy. But he didn’t deserve that mauling.

I honestly think that if it hadn’t been Pogba who scored, the criticism for Xhaka from Souness wouldn’t have been half as bad. Pogba doing well makes him want to explode.

I think Pogba slept with his wife or something, he really has it in for him.


Pogba was fucking awful yesterday. He is vastly overrated or at least has been poor here.


Here’s a revelation:

Souness is a cunt


IMO there’s no finer sight in punditry than Souness going HAM on a central midfielder. Gloriously entertaining.


I still think Xhaka is a player that could really benefit under a new manager.

Like Mustafa, they were both very good players in a top league, before they came here.

I know Xhaka can be frustrating because of his lack of consistency, but I would certainly like to see how he performs next season under a new manager before getting rid of him.


I want our next manager to turn Xhaka into an absolute bastard.


I promise you Mustafi was never a very good player.


Come on dawg to be fair he was very good at Valencia haha.

I thinking coming here will expose any defender but he definitely shares the blame for criminal individual mistakes.

I think he is already or at least very close, he just needs to be a bastard that consitently plays smart not stupid.


Poor guy. Played really well and our shithead fans will give him stick while letting off some absolute frauds.


I hope he is on the list of cunts to be sold in coming window.
Don’t let few good performance mask a flawed midfielder. Need better


Very happy with him last couple of weeks. Keep it up Granit.


Great video. Poor Granit feeling it :frowning: