Granit Xhaka (34)


By all accounts was a disaster at Inter for 2 seasons.


Lol this dopey fucker is a meme at this point, I genuinely love him


Haha I remember this sticker scam from the 80s, I had no idea in the world of interwebz it was still around. It’s almost like Granit is proud he’s on a sticker


Image him not going to the WC in the end, but being in the Panini Album :arteta:


This HAS TO BE a sponsored post. Come on now.


Xhaka was brilliant again tonight, he’s dropping 8/10’s game after game :clap:


He’s looking more commanding of late and is putting himself about like he did in his early days with us. Needs to keep that mentality now. Don’t wanna see the lost puppy Xhaka ever again.


It’s the stickers!!!



SHUT THE FUCK UP :xhaka: :xhaka: :xhaka:


Was brilliant.

Think he’s been told to completely discipline his game and its paying dividends.


If you just let him play his game he is fine with it. He just doesn’t have to push forward.


Another team that took the wrong approach with us, and him in general. No pressing and allowed Xhaka way too much time. I’m not a fan of this guy but I will admit he is a great passer when allowed to just sit there and pick out targets.


I like how he frustrates opponents by going down cleverly in tight areas, winning free-kicks. I hate it when opponent does it to us, but it’s a such a handy trait to have.


The Busquets.


Arteta was class at this too.

In general whenever he found himself in a bad situation what he didn’t have in technique and Cazorlaness with the ball he made up with in getting a whistle guile.

And then people say a bit of gamesmanship and intelligence conning the referee is immoral and all that! The English sure love to hate on being clever!


He is such trash.

Edit: *He skies one from 40 yards, trash.


He hasn’t even been playing badly other then that lmao




Another top performance


Yeah, he was good today. Unlucky not to score as well.