Granit Xhaka (34)


When a team don’t press him he is good.


Xhaka is slowly morphing into Vieira.

Always had faith :sunglasses:





Played well over the last few games. Fair play


A rare game (as of late) where he didn’t look like a safety hazard at any point I think?

Loved a taste of that for a change, keep it up Granit :+1:


Hope we can see some of these performances in the PL consistently now, esp when he gets pressed.


I think he’s found his level more like it tbh. Europa league is about as good as he can hope to do.


He’d be brilliant in Serie A


He would be. It’s part of the reason I’m a bit skeptical when people mention options like Jorginho.

Really is tricky to find a top DM. Can anyone think of anyone out there available that they’re confident would be a good replacement for Xhaka? I struggle to think of someone.

My estimation of Arteta grows with every passing day.


Matuidi, but unfortunately, he is already at Juventus.


N’zonzi? Definitely attainable but he’s already 29.



Well thanks fuck he can play well for couple of weeks in a season.
Totally worth paying him his wages.


Doucoure for me. Everything we lack, pace, power, dribbles the ball out of defence with decent close control, can tackle cleanly on the front foot without going to ground and has scored 7 goals this season. You could probably play him with Ramsey, Wilshere or Xhaka. He’ll be at a top club next season.

Jorginho is more Cazorla than Xhaka, he’s probably destined to goto City though


Villarreal & Bruno’s heir Rodri but he looks like he’s on his way to Alteti.

I don’t think it matters who we sign tho, because all deep lying play makers have one thing in common, lack of mobility and without that in our system you’re already fighting a losing battle.

You’ve only gotta look at how badly exposed Arteta was in his last couple of seasons with us after he lost his legs or why Coquelin of all people complemented Santi so well, his athleticism allowed Santi to do what all Dlp’s do best, pull the strings and dictate the tempo in the middle of the park while Coq did most the dirty work.

Which is one of the reason why I want Lucas Torreira, because not only is his defense nous up there with the best of them but his also fairly rapid for a Cm and unlike Coquelin he can play penetrating passes between the lines & he’s not a liability when it comes to transitioning from defense to attack, plus on the top of all that his press resistant af to which is a nice little bonus.


Watched Kondogbia today for Valencia, think he’s a good shout. Does everything Xhaka does plus has much better close control and pressing resistance and is more mobile (without being super mobile either). Thoughts?


Said to A.F a few weeks/months ago Kondogbia would be a decent option, not really a DM I guess but he’s pretty athletic, destructive and not totally useless under pressure.

Would be quite versatile in the type of role he’d be able to fulfil too, something I really liked about Tolisso and to an extent Elneny.


Kondogbia is a good shout still, he’s staying at Valencia tho, no ?

Might of been bullshit but I’m pretty sure I seen Marcelino say yesterday that it’s basically a done deal.


Loved him years ago in France U21 (?). To me, best player on pitch multiple times by a distance. Not sure what happened but haven’t heard in a while.