Granit Xhaka (34)


Good to hear (didn’t get a chance to watch)… have to admit he hasn’t been as bad lately… maybe turning a corner (I hope).


Think Milan played into his hands, not pressing him at all.

I’ll take it, he was good.




I said in the MDC that he did that, didn’t notice the Ramsey smile :arteta: :ramsey:


Xhaka was talking to Ramsey that’s why they swapped the Camera to him, had nothing to do with Wenger, but of course you guys can just narate it however you like if it makes u happy.


Played really well today.

Good job son.

I’ve seen enough to know under a different manager he can be a very good player. Don’t care if it’s just Watford.


But he is playing well now under the current manager; right now he is more alert


I suppose he is, yeah.
But even better imo is possible.


For me his problem has been not alert and waiting to long to pass.


Did he two foot Deeney? If not I don’t care



So he did his job vs an average team, how novel.


That is the problem with stats… he gave away at least 3 ridiculous passes in the second half, one putting us under pressure and committed several stupid fouls… he really didn’t have a good game. He was ok for most of the game but continues to ruin what otherwise would be decent performance with really bad plays. He and AMN mirrored eachother today imho - both mostly solid then really brainless in a few occasions… So miss the days of Cesc/Santi or even Arteta for the simple fact that they really made so few obvious mistakes, let alone the sheer brilliance on display.


this is what I mean he would be even better under a new manager. These brainfades ruin what would be otherwise good performances.


Yeah this is the hope… although I honestly do not believe Arsene would ruin players of Santi or Cesc’s quality… they had little super-fast supercomputers up top… Xhaka has a Timex Sinclair.


I’ve been one of his biggest detractors, but I’ll admit he’s been a lot better the past few games.


Agreed, but not today.


Basically he can play pretty well when we are not getting pressed really high up the pitch, but when that happens it’s game over for him.


Man of the Match.