Granit Xhaka (34)


Only to be told that he was holding a stick whilst pissing his pants and had to be told the stick was figuartive.


At one point during the second half there was a 60/40 ball that broke free and Xhaka (not favored) ran towards the City player and appeared to launch himself across the ground in an attempt to win the ball back.

He totally missed and left the midfield wide open.

I want to believe that there’s a decent player in there somewhere but he probably just needs to go unless we get a new coach this summer. He looks like he needs better direction and he’s definitely not getting that here.




I don’t actually think he was that bad tonight tbh.

Was one of the better players.


You know what, the more I think about it the more I feel bad for this guy. Everyone slates him and the thing most levelled at him is ‘what the fuck does he do’ but think about it, what can he do because Wenger bought the guy then decided to tell him to forget playing how is meant to play. Look at how he plays for his national team and for his previous team. He did look quality, but he had a clear role, he stayed deep sprayed the balls about the pitch the odd aggressive tackle etc and he looked quite handy.

He comes here, straight away Wenger didn’t like him striking from distance remember his fucking ace goals…then because he got red carded for his tackles instead of him being told how to tackle properly to not get carded he gets told not to tackle at all. Then it seems that Wenger doesn’t want him to sit back and spread the ball about but be moving up the pitch, but that is not what he does too often he hasn’t got the pace to be a box to box so is always out of his natural game and movement then everyone is like 'what the fuck is he doing up there he is supposed to be back there helping out why is he outta position;

then you think of players like laca, almost a goal a game before he comes starts well gets dropped loses his confidence then gets people around him playing like he is Giroud and he has his back always to goal never pass when he is in a good position, he gets subbed off for Giroud then they play to his fucking feet like he is lacazette…WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON! then you think to yourself no wonder the players cant cope anymore they don’t know what they are doing, I mean even Ozil the worlds best no 10 and Wenger starts playing him on the fucking wing and puts Ramsey in midfield what the fucking hell is he doing…just seriously fuck off Wenger you are destroying the team.


He’s been one of our better players recently, since the Ostersund game he’s stepped up


He was criticised for being shit and giving the ball away every game and creating chances for opponents. That was all valid criticism.

He hasn’t done that so much recently, so what’s left is an okay midfielder.


So some how you forget to defend simple balls, poor passing and bad tackling.


Expectations have plummeted, but I thought he did pretty well other than the first 40 minutes (where the whole team was sh*t) and the last 10 minutes…

Problem is, that is more than half the f*ing game…


He is too loose in possession and prone to mistakes to be a top player in the role (deep lying playmaker, distributor) that his skillset otherwise fits. But I don’t think our system does him any favors. A lot of his fuckups seem to come in situations where there is little coordinated movement and the side in general doesn’t have a fucking clue what its doing in the build up.

I think he’s probably just not good enough but it would be interesting to see him under another manager. This could be said of a lot of our players. Its hard to evaluate their potential because Wenger has set them up for failure.


As GG says he hasn’t been as bad lately by our terrible standards, he hasn’t been the major problem.

I’ve given up judging these players anyways until the manager is gone.




Perhaps… my judgment is still he is at best an ok prem league player and not really elevating us at all, even if we were more functional. Yes, coaching and management are letting all the players down, great players still give you indications of intelligence and functional understanding (example Santi) and I’m just not seeing it with him.





People said “shoot” instead of “shit”…
never meant to ask him to shoot


Debunks the myth that Wenger tells our players not to shoot.


Don’t care that his 35 yard efforts go off target as much as his 20 yard passes being dog shit. One of his main roles in the team is supposed to be his distribution and passing from deep ffs. Almost every forward pass or set piece delivery this prick plays is poor. The one guy who will remain crap even under a proper manager.


It doesn’t really.


Can you banter this thread title too? Thinking “Garbage Xhaka” or “Granit Fhakaff”


Best player on the pitch for me tonight, great stuff from our midfield maestro :clap: