Granit Xhaka (34)


You can’t just ‘man up’ when people are telling you to die. That abuse crosses the line


You really can.






Oh fuck GG was right


Phew. I made it.

How do I block people here? Don’t know if I could go through that again.


Xhaka isn’t indestructible to abuse just because he’s a man


He is completely destructible when it comes to holding a sensible fucking defensive position.

My god his awareness for a player in the deep lying role is horrific. He came with a big reputation from Germany by all accounts so I just can’t comprehend how much of a liability he is.

He isn’t getting sold this summer so our best hope is that a new manager coaxes some form out of him, or finds a way of playing to his strengths. His best quality is his long range passing and you know a guy is low on confidence when he keeps mishitting his bread and butter switch passes.


We also have had a thin midfield squad for a while and he has played a lot with little time for reflection. Maybe if he gets a chill session on the side lines, study our game a bit, take some pressure and heat off for a while he can get his his game on again.


nah he’s shit


Yes hence the suggestion.


Know something we don’t?


Just hopin and prayin like the rest of us


Really hope it’s Ramsey, Wilshere and Elneny today and this guy gets sat. No idea what he offers. He’s not even putting in rash tackles these days so can’t even describe him as a pashun merchant. He’s worse than useless.


yeah I wouldn’t mind useless

but this guy is actually harming the team frequently


Fuck, I never imagined he would be this bad. Mario knew.


From the NBC broadcast in the states it sounded like people were booing his first couple of touches and then later in the match when we were comfortably ahead it sounded like people were booing Xhaka having to check the ball backwards.

Any truth to this?

Also, why would you boo his first couple of touches? He didn’t pick himself! I think the guy is kind of useless right now but even I wouldn’t do that.


Its probably “SHOOOOOT”

For some reason the match going fans shout that at him every fucking time he has the ball… :neutral_face:


It was the silly “shoooottt” when he had the ball in the opponents’ half.:xhaka: that I heard listening to the NBC broadcast.


He played like a poop sandwich yesterday. I think it’s time to consider trying to find a different home for him this summer. He’s not mobile enough to get around the pitch and I don’t know that he’s getting enough coaching to fix his disciplinary issues (i.e.: going to ground).

Maybe with Sven in the fold we can work out a return to Germany. There are definitely things he does well like that big diagonal cross, but I don’t think he works as a defensive midfielder or a box to box midfielder. Basically he’s the really budget version of Pirlo in a three man midfield.

It goes without saying that I really don’t think Arsene knew anything about Xhaka when we signed him. I wouldn’t be shocked if we find out that Xhaka was one of the StatDNA signings like Gabriel and Lucas.