Granit Xhaka (34)

Yeah I know plenty of Jacks. Jack Sparrow is my fave.

British girls know more about soccer ball than American guys, discuss :wink:


Treading dangerous waters here :flushed:


Sounds like ‘birds’ know enough not to want Pulis as manager lol, something that can’t be said for everyone @GoonerBill1954



Well that’s a bit of a cunty attitude to have.


Claiming to know better than girls and in same breath recommending Tony Pulis to be next manager of Arsenal.

If it is not trolling, I fear for you sir.


We’ve got a thread for such discussions…



Pulis fuckin hell lol


Yup Pulis would definitely get the best out of our team :xhaka:

Back to Xhaka… not good enough - doubt he will be. Need smarter, more skilled, and more composed player in that area. We have a LOT of work to do after this year - going to be a 1-2 year dip again I reckon after this season.

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We are already in the middle of a dip. Out of the top 4 and not looking like getting back in there any time soon till we invest properly in the side.

True but it will continue or get worse… need to strike gold on 2-3 prospects.


As expected, we are so open with him in the middle.


So he is great for Switzerland when not playing in a system that doesn’t leave him exposed

He reminds me so much of Xabi Alonso in terms of playing style, and he was at his best when he had a terrier like Mascherano next to him.

Xhaka is clearly not of the same tier as Alonso but a guy with that skill set is going to be exposed when responsible for a great deal of defensive work, especially in a system that is always going to leave the DM chronically exposed.

Think there is a really classy player in there, but a lack of confidence, a lack of suitable system is persistently making him look quite shite.


So he’s great against a team of mostly Championship players?

I must have completely misjudged him.


Imo this is the exactly the thing. He looks good (at least going forward) for us as well whenever we play fairly inferior teams, have 65% possession and he is not under pressure much. Whenever an opposing team battle us for midfield he looks poor defensively and mixes good with bad at best offensively.

Having a rock solid DM next to him would perhaps also make him look a tad better in difficult games I think, but we have none in the squad atm :confused:

Fucking hell when did you develop such a strong funny bone, you’ve been absolutely on fire with your posts in the last few weeks.

He’s always been this funny, he’s just becoming more savage


He’s finally snapped. Otherwise he’s just so old now that he doesn’t care any more and says whatever he wants.

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