Gilberto Silva



Such a quality midfielder. So underrated too as he’s hardly ever mentioned when people talk about quality players in the PL.


How Gallas got the captaincy over him is honestly one of the biggest Arsenal mysterys there is.

He always was, even when he was at the club. He never banged his own drum like others and was the man next to Vieira which I think explains some of why he doesn’t get the same recognition


Criminally underrated and agree with you on the captaincy, scandalous!

Just an absolute professional of a player and not a single bad word to say about him, always quietly went about his business and and off the field. Loved his no nonsense approach and a player I geneuineky still enjoy seeing about his social media.


At 2 minutes mark


Should’ve been captain instead of Gallas. Even if it would’ve been short.

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Makelele used to get far too many plaudits for doing essentially what Gilberto Silva did in a more attacking side. (Makelele’s job was far easier given Chelsea’s dull defensive set up)

Gilberto deserves more credit. Good player.

I rated Gilberto among the top 3 DMs in the world in 2006 and 2007, alongside Makelele. Not much between them imo at that time.

Can’t count the earlier years because he played a more box to box-ish role alongside Vieira.

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He was bloody good on the right, as well!

(See the Chelsea cup game, 2004)

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So who was the better player at Arsenal, Gilberto or Petit ?

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Slammed our top 4 failure, good on the man, no point trying to glorify 5th place.


How dare he?!? I bet he’s never been to our stadium.



Silva did seem some positives for Arsenal in their recent links with Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus. He said: ‘If he goes to Arsenal, I do believe it’s going to be a good move for him, also for Arsenal.’

He continued: ‘Listen we are in one of the best clubs in the world it’s not acceptable for us to do what we are doing. It’s time for us to do what is right and do it with the right mentality according to what the club needs.’

‘Arsenal need to get back to the top of the league because it’s so hard to see Arsenal in the last few years not playing in the Champions League and not fighting for the title.’

We jumped with joy getting fifth place, absolutely over the moon with it.

Fucking hellfire.