German NT Thread


I can’t believe Jogi Low picked Julian Brandt and left Leroy Sane out…
Unless Sane is injured, otherwise this is a crazy move…

For all other 22 players I believe I guessed right, pretty obvious picks


Sane is a good player and he is very young, he can wait.

They are all so good that whoever was going be left out was going to be big news. Same thing happened to France with Rabbiot.


Well, but you expect Germany to call the best young player in the Premier League up.


Strange move to leave Sane out, but I think Germany will win it this time again. They are just such a good tournament team.


Sane or not Deutchland gonna steamroll this World cup farmers league no doubt. #Mesut4prez


Fucking Mario Gomez.


Your dream night in?



I agree with you, Sane for me is better than brandt but according to the media, Low said it is because sane still needs to consolidate with diemanschaft.


He’s a good looking man.


Fair point, but you always want him in the squad.


Pragmatic. That’s why Deutschland will win this WC again.


This is what I don’t understand.

Brandt is like a inferior Draxler and/or Reus… why they need a 3rd one?

Sane brings another dimension to the team by his speed alone. Together with Werner and Ozil and Draxler, they probably have one of the best counter attacking unit in the tournament.

If Low doesn’t pick Sane because of his attitude, then it makes more sense.

Also picking Sule over Ginter was a bit surprise…


I agree with your point of view, but a couple of days before their debut the manager won’t say something like that.

What will cause a lot of confusion, the media will abuse him and the attention will be focus on sane vs Low rather than supporting them.


Sule has played quite a lot for Bayern this season so it’s normal Low calls him up.


I think Löw is just showing off. “Look who we can afford to leave out. Gutted”

Yeah, well Jogi, we left Jonjo Shelvey at home, so the joke’s on you :sunglasses:


I won’t disagree though.

Sule had more publicity because he plays for Bayern.
Is he really better than Ginter? Absolutely not, especially Ginter is more matured and has more experienced. The few cameos that Sule played for the NT, bang average, and it is not too harsh if I call them bad performances.

Back to the Sane discussion.
Another thing that confused me a lot is, for the past year or so, Jogi played Sane a lot. Some good some not so good… but the world did see his potentials, so it is not like Jogi won’t know.
To say Sane doesn’t play along good with Ozil is lame… you won’t pick all outfielders to fit in for Ozil, right? I don’t see how good Mario Gomez play good alongside with Ozil also but he got picked.

There must be something we don’t know, or it is like some speculations say, Sane has an attitude problem


Have never seen a disorganized German NT for more than a decade…


Sweden looked very well organized today. I’m thinking Germany might be looking at an early WC exit.


Sweden is gonna play for a draw so it’s gonna be very difficult for Germany.


They gotta win both games or they are out for sure.

It is not good to go conspiracy theory, but the game plan and tactics were very strange and nothing alike the German football that we know for decades.

As a German fan for 30+ years, yesterday game was very strange for me.
I can accept the lost, but there were so many questionable decisions (Jogi Low) that I don’t understand.