German NT Thread


Yeah I thought Hector was a highly rated LB no?


Germany has so many decent midfielders some can be left at home…Others can be played in defence & attack.

I hate Germany.


Meh, they’re no England, I mean, look, Serge f’in Gnabry made the squad, and we all know he can’t even be compared to England’s version, the Ox



Absolutely no worse than Schmelzer, but then a lot of people prefer him than Hector.


If Reus (injured??) and Bellarabi (where the heck he is now???) were there, Serge probably would not be picked.

Anyway, I don’t see him really contributing for the NT right now, but 2018 is possible.

At least Gnabry got Jogi Low’s approval, unlike here he has to fight a squad spot against Ox the fucking Chamberlain and Iwobi


3 years ago today. Most shocking game of football I’ve seen.


Germany can afford to leave out the 2 guys who combined to get the winner for Germany last time round… Probably cos they’re shite.

Emre Can also not in the provisional squad.


Nils Petersen :cech:

Plattenhardt? Any good?


Shame Weigl hasn’t got in, don’t see why the hell Rudy is in there.


He’s had quite a lot of games for Bayern this year. Though that may be because Vidal and Thiago have had injuries. Thiago for about 3 months.

Wonder if he’ll actually go/play at the WC though, I suspect he’ll be one of the guys to drop out of the 23.


Is Mario Gomez still playing? Surely they have better strikers.


Muller :kos2: @Electrifying


Plattenhardt is back up for Hector.
Rudy is back up for Kimmich.

I can guarantee you Nils Petersen won’t get selected.

I think Tah, Reus/Brandt, Petersen will be dropped, with one of the four keepers.


I don’t think Rudy makes it, no way Reus is getting dropped.

IMO Tah won’t get dropped either, Ginter won’t make the cut.


Who covers Kimmich if he got injured?
No way is Tah. He has the least experience among all defenders.

Jogi kept picking Rudy in the past 2 years… and I believe he will be picked this time also as a back up.

Bar Hummels and Boateng, Ginter is the most experienced among all CB, and he can play DM also (so do Hector, Rudy)
If Jogi only picks 4 CB, first he will drop Tah, and then one among Ginter, Rudiger and Sule.

I don’t want to drop Reus also, but is he ever fit???
If Reus stay, then Brandt will be dropped.


What lol


Germany will remain WC champions come July. No doubt in my mind #OzilForPres


Just like Kiessling…

Well, the team has Werner, Muller, Gomez…
Even Mario Gotze was excluded… I don’t know why he is so upset…


Spain for me. They are back to their best.