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“Free speech”

Check at 3am to find out if you can go to work :joy: you would think this was a parody account

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Been an absolute shocker today

Train home cancelled, waiting 1hr!

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Really sad news. Never thought I’d see the like in England

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A lot of those media outlets are more critical nowadays, but my god it was fyckingvwful in the first months after October 7th.

Liberal acquaintances that got sucked in by propaganda hook line and sinker. Some of the lazy bastards still have the Israeli flag on their profile pic.

I don’t have access to any reliable news outlet on cable, and have to search around podcasts and YouTube, and most of that is a huge mountain of bullshit.


I hate the guardian more than the express and mail these days.

The guardian pretend to be more decent than the other 2 but actually are more duplicitous.

How else can you call a paper that burned its source and called him to be jailed after profiting from his reporting (Assange) cowards


A shame in the Guardian’s behalf that they report like this. For a lefty news outlet, why in earth would they favour the guys that are carrying heinous crimes?

What’s a better alternative outlet to read?

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Jacobin. The Intercept even if they’ve had some major changes recently.

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Comic sans. Comic country


What a Majoka mate.

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Scraping the barrel again I see

What is interesting is to Google: Trump Iran

And see how all the usual media in unison peddle this story, at the same time

Trump did take out Soleimani unilaterally. Boosted about it pretty gleefully too

I don’t know if it’s true or not but it seems on brand for the Iranians to want to target him in retaliation.

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That would be very off brand if you’ve followed how careful and calculated the Iranians have been in their foreign policy decisions. Even when attacked they’ve been extremely restrained.

Targeting a former U.S. president or even hinting at it would almost certainly give the warmongers over here the necessary predicate to launch an all out war against them.

It’s more likely this is the usual manufacturing of consent by the war pigs.


Looking forward to the day when Israel is as synonymous with blatant cartoon villainy as Nazi Germany was.

Just complete unanimous evil known by everyone across the world.

Every book, every TV show, every film based their evil characters on the likes of Ben Gvir, Netanyahu and Gallant.

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Iran is a Russia friend and Trump is Putin friend or something like that, so Trump kills friend of Putin and now friend of Putin wants to kill Trump who is friend of… oh well

Man the mainstream media is getting tangled up in their own web of nonsense :joy:

Love the source: intelligence services. “Oh okay, must be legit”.

And all the usual outlets: cnn, cnbc, nyt etc push this story out almost at the exact same time. I wonder who fed it to them

@KITN explained it well

There certainly almost nothing careful or calculated about Iranian foreign policy, I don’t know where or how they’ve garnered that reputation. Its the opposite more than anything.

Well when has the US ever deliberately targeted someone as high ranking as Soleimani before?

The US isn’t going to “all out war” over the death of a presidential candidates least of all a candidate like Trump. That doesn’t even remotely fit the proportionality doctrine even if if it could be conclusively proven they were involved.

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Death to Israel and the West, is what it boils down too lol

Although their use of proxies in Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine etc. has been well executed

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