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America has a very weird mindset when it comes to healthcare - sure people want it affordable but very dew support public healthcare provision.

The reference to Ukraine is totally misplaced. Thankfully, the US has recognised that Putin needs to be defeated and that it is in the interests of the west, including the US, to arm Ukraine to give them the best chance of achieving this.

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Well the American public has been thoroughly indoctrinated into accepting capitalism as a sacred religion and anything deviating from it is heresy.

On Ukraine, my point is why can’t we do both? A fraction of what the U.S. has given to Ukraine could fix the U.S. health system clusterfuck. Not to mention the amount that has been spent in other wars.

Vile boomers around the world are realising the new population and electorates hate their greed and vile actions.

They want a different kind of politics and their corrupt vile evil practices to die out and them to be voted out.

Unfortunately that means the pigs would lose access to the trough, so instead they are ruining democracy and becoming authoritarian to prevent the youth having their say in how things are done.

This generation will ruin us all. On their way out.

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Biden is Silent Generation, btw (People aren’t calling him old for nothing). Just thought I’d put that out there before the whole blame age group thing starts.

Crazy, how long did Obamacare take again? 6 months? Maybe more?

How bad is it in America, the richest and powerful country, that their last two presidents have been right wing nutter only to be replaced by a doddering pensioner who’s looks like he’s wandered out of an old peoples home.

Saying that, we’re no better, we had a complete buffoon and when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Truss proved everyone wrong.

Tbh you are right in this.

I shouldn’t blame the age groups.

However there is no question the newer generations thanks to the internet are breaking from establishment traditions.

And so the establishment are turning to authoritarianism to ensure their agenda carries on despite it becoming more and more unpopular.

And they pick from a smaller pool of shitter and shitter politicians to put into power.

No wonder the newer guys like that gimp Richie Torres are more and more pathetic compared to previous pricks like Biden.


How many times is that now?

“The thing about Germans is… That they never learn from the past” - @Lucafromitaly

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Everyone needs a hobby I suppose

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‘we’ll get tough on the trafficking gangs’

I guess that equals ‘we’ll launderette their money’

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Nearly 40% of global dirty money is laundered in London and UK crown dependencies.

It can’t be all Chelsea.
Perhaps Man City have their offices in London as well.


World beating!


A populist and he opposes aid to Ukraine. Related?

Good to see it’s not just Putin that can execute undesirables on other nations sovereign territory :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Zelensky sending a clear message to Orban, Le Pen and the other Pro-Putin loonies :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Those who promote hate should know that if you live by the sword, you’re more likely to die by it too.

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News outlets saying that the would-be assassin was connected to pro-Russian militant groups so who the fuck knows

Putin blaming Ukraine asap.

I’m glad I preserved the ol’ air raid shelter

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