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I don’t think it looks terrible, but I wouldn’t want to live next to it.

To be fair, you have a bit of a point. If it has to mar any part of London’s skyline, Stratford would be more fitting than most places lol

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I personally think this is a real shame. It could be another really great iconic venue for London and the site selected would be good. There are residential properties surrounding the site so can understand why there is a concern but aesthetically I really like the sphere…

I may get a little bit defensive here, but I love this part of East London and ngl my pride took a bit of a knock with these comments. I think on the whole, most of the new development that has taken place has been very successful.

I’m not knocking the place at all, I’m in favor of development and building things. I would regard the development of East London as a success. A broadly successful example of what a proper pro growth agenda can achieve in terms of building homes and attracting investment in what would have otherwise remained a useless flooded swamp.

The development of the area, particularly Stratford has no real consistency in terms of architecture, that’s just a fact. The mishmash of modernist structures is part of the appeal of the area, imo and it is the perfect location to try to experiment with different things.

In places like West and Central London we desperately need a return to classic design


No need to take it personally really. I was raised in Plaistow and East Ham, so Stratford pretty much feels like part of my area, really. So it isn’t about slating Stratford. Was just agreeing with Sevchenko about the mismatched nature of the architecture etc, and that it would be the best place for this orb thing, if it was necessary to have one, compared to many other parts of London where it would dramatically stand out.


Did he blow his employees? I never seen such support from employees towards a CEO

The PVV - anti-Islam and immigration party, but left on economic policies - won the Dutch elections: 35 seats. Second party is 26 seats by the green-left. Then neo-liberalism party 24 seats. NSC a center right party 20 seats.

In total 26 parties participated :sweat_smile:

Fucking Geert Wilders - man wrote a whole thesis about him and man like him.

Trump before Trump

It’s really heading the wrong direction world wide. Much of Europe already swung right wing and now The Netherlands chose someone I wouldn’t have thought is possible.

Here we are.

Mind you, I do think the left has some accountability to do as to why these types get votes. It’s time for introspection and a change from the left.


So how does that work? They want to purge the Netherlands of all Muslims but also have a healthy welfare state?

I don’t know what they want to do with existing Dutch nationals who are Muslims. Not much will change there to my mind.

But he wants zero new migrants with a non-European or Islamic background.

P.s. The Netherlands is a parliamentary democracy, so in any case he needs other parties to form a government with. Which means his most extreme views won’t be able to take hold as the other parties won’t allow for it.

I shouldn’t imagine collaboration would be an issue.

Any chance he’d fail to form a government?

We have a big party like that in Denmark as well - Danish People’s Party.

Very strict on immigration and very anti-Islam, but very pro-workers rights, animal rights, elder care, welfare state etc


If we can’t afford public sector pay rises, we certainly can’t afford national insurance cuts.

BMA, time to get back on the picket

There is always a chance.

But, this time he is in the driver’s seat and I think the voter would be very angry and offended if parties would exclude him from the get go. Which then could result in his party winning even bigger if a re-election is necessary.

That’s fascinating. There are definitely portions of the Trump coalition that line up along those lines. The whole idea that “real” Americans can’t have social security because immigrants are hogging the benefits.

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Interestingly enough, we can see the immigration stance trumps the economic stance when it comes down to labeling a party right, center or left.


I think it’s because socialists policies are not such a third rail the way they are in the U.S.