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Just to clarify, I didn’t mean you, by ‘sneering liberals’.

I meant the usual MSNBC wankers that deliberately obfuscate things.

I should hope not. Being called a sneering liberal is one of the worst things you could call me.

I was replying to you saying hed have to sue many outlets by saying it would just be two, look at what part of your post I quoted.

But with regards to the litany of allegations contained in the report/programme, he doesn’t have to sue them for each one, he could just pick the most egregious claim(s), for example, the one in which a women says he raped her.

It’s completely feasible tocme that he could bring legal action. IMO there’s no reason why he can sue The Sun for claiming he cheated and not sue Channel 4 or The Times for any of the individual accusations they have printed/broadcast about him.

He probably will sue them.

I suspect he won’t, but it is early doors, and we shall see

We’re also a heavily armed society with some real antisocial tendencies. We celebrate wealthy skid marks and accept the exploitation of the most vulnerable members of society.

Mfers are burning books in 2023…it’s absolute madness!

A cigarette lighter would work just as well, so why the flamethrowers? Oh yeah, rednecks big dicking it.

If he sues for only one/few elements (I am not saying he can - he may well be guilty), considering these took place more than a decade ago and he will have to prove they didn’t happen - the inference will be that he is in fact guilty of the remaining accusations. That doesn’t leave him any better off than he is now, in fact it probably harms more than it helps.

He is tainted forever, regardless of any court process. If these accusers go to the police (someone else has off the back of this) and they lay charges so it does go to trial, if he is found not guilty, it will still be that he wasn’t found innocent, etc.

It is difficult to see a winning scenario for Brand in all of this.


It’s to celebrate their freedom obviously.

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Given the choice, I’m definitely opting for the flamethrower over a lighter :slight_smile:

If you’re going to do something, at least do it in style :slight_smile:

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MSM agenda peddling by lying without blinking.

I’ll assume there won’t be a factory in SA when the CEO says so.

This is a crucial bit for me. If there is no creative interpretation done here by the author, then this is an actual admission from Brand that he exploited the girl even after she said no.

The text exchange is in that article I posted a couple times, so you can decide if you think that bit above is particularly incriminating, or if the journalist is spinning.

Oh, I didn’t scroll past that bit in the screenshot because that was convincing enough to me.
Frozen forensic evidence and text messages should be solid enough proof.

Too bad, the women didn’t report him but at least now the world would know about this and forever call him out.

I’m in absolute shock about the allegations being thrown at Russel Brand !
Simply inexcusable, how can he be called a comedian? A comedian ……?
Really ?

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Agreement there. His comedy is dire.

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Yeah I’m not gonna lie, Russell Brand went from a reasonable sceptic of neoliberal politics, to an entertainer of stupidity. I thought his initial positions were reasonable.

I naively thought he was being tricked and going down a path where he was manipulated, but it seems to be a deliberate change in direction.

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Freedumb, I’d suggest.

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