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NATO’s second largest army isn’t so keen on the inclusion of Sweden and Finland. Erdogan has his own agenda after all. :slight_smile:

Let’s help war struck Ukraine by lend lease 30 billion worth of weapons. But it needs to be repaid of course, with interest. Nothing comes for free.

Nice help from the truthful, no agenda driven, charitable US :money_mouth_face: :slight_smile:


War is good business baby!

I mean we have a large amount of Kurdish immigrants and have a history of pointing out Erdogan for who he is. So he’s obviously not supportive.


How is Turkey in NATO lol. Kinda ridicules the organisation in itself really…

On this subject though Russia are not even winning in Donbas right now. Absolutely mad how they’ve fucked any strategy in Ukraine. Everything they’ve now lost for a stupid and illegal gamble :man_facepalming:t3:


Nato is a paper thin organization really.

The last couple of years have highlighted the continental Europe’s appetite for appeasement and lack of resolve to confront issues head on.

God help us if it seriously kicks off with China

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meanwhile some white dude went and killed like 10 black ppl in a supermarket and streamed it live on twitch.

I don’t even know anymore man. wtf.

If anything, this Russian invasion has been great for NATO and actually strengthened it.

Finland and Sweden, two excellent militaries with lots of troops and quality hardware, are now joining and countries like Denmark and Germany are remilitarising and have significantly upped their military spending.

The invasion has also shown just how powerful NATO can be. It’s been a great showcase for NATO hardware and equipment and just how superior it is compared to pretty much anything else.

I’m curious. Who gets to decide whether a military action is illegal? What exactly are the criteria?

Because it feels to me like that word really doesn’t mean much any more when it comes to warfare.


I don’t understand that either,
It’s like the expression “war crime,” it’s almost an oxymoron.

America. Only they can interfere in politics, forment unrest, support coups and start invasions across the world. :slight_smile:

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Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Pretty sure it was our AG who concluded that our invasion was legal. Although there was probably pressure from the US to reach that conclusion.

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I’d like to see my compatriots sanction Israel and the U.S. for the many wrongs they committed. The many lives they destroyed.

I won’t hold my breath for that to happen.

Instead I’ll get lengthy convoluted explanations, why, but, this, that. Ah hypocrisy. A core trait of us humans. :slight_smile:

And no one is saying Russia is in the right. Only that there is a monumental hypocrisy when it comes to the justification of war.

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Which brings me to this image:

The first one makes me chuckle. America is an oligarchical ran country.

Lobbying is basically legal corruption.

Exactly this.

I think it was pretty clear that that was what I meant. Thank you for the explanation. I think lol

Fucking prick

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so much wastage. Senior management getting nice pay rise while doctors and nurses get real terms pay cuts.

National insurance rise money being paid for more admins and not social care as advertised.

we have the money to fund pay increases for health workers so they actally like their job and don’t leave, leaving health services in mess. (So people can actually get days off and not burnout).
But we just choose to spend it on mostly complete bollocks.

in all facets this country is just a big collection of marks, who you scam to get ahead.

The biggest scammers the government. The only way to get ahead or for any kind of social mobility is to scam and rob your way there.

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