Geek talk (Science/Space/Tech etc)

Amazing. First fusion reaction with an energy gain.

A huge step


yeah heard about it.
Really interested to read about it in detail.

Plus that guy is funny.

Cool, but not driverless :slight_smile:

Expensive fucking firework.

What was interesting is that even before take off there was no expectation that it would do anything more than take off.

They would have gotten some good data from that belly slop move.

The fucking crowd reaction :joy:


This is awesome

It’s been great chatting with you about football and Arsenal. I’m here whenever you’d like to pick up our conversation again.
Have a great day, and COYG! :red_circle::white_circle::wink:

It is excellent. Good UI

Congratulations @Trion and all other Indians,

First ever successful landing on the Moon’s south pole.


Great achievement for ISRO.
Social media post will be filled with “they should fix poverty first” but that’s minor inconvenience.


Congrats to India :clap: :india:

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This is one amazing achievement by ISRO. They failed with the lander last time, went back to the drawing board and absolutely nailed it this time.

The nation couldn’t be more proud. And to do it on a shoestring budget, truly remarkable.


Recently picked up on some of this guys vids. He has a good way of explaining why things are bollocks. :grin:

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