Geek talk (Science/Space/Tech etc) thread

I enjoyed that article but those dudes should get real jobs.

Which dudes?

The ones who spent probably years redefining the kilogram into exactly what it already was. :slight_smile:

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This is the full plan…


The best enigneering youtube channel out there

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I don’t get why we haven’t been to the moon again, it’s been over 50 years so surely our technology and all that kind of stuff must have improved a lot since 1959, we haven’t been better equipped since back then?

Generally speaking, there’s not much to do there. Technology is better these days but the cost of launching things to space is still astronomically high. And for investigation and experiments, ISS and satellites on Low Earth Orbit are a better options.

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May well be a case we get sub orbital flights before that.

Whenever that may happen I’ll be having lunch at home, then flying off to see @Aussiegooner for a few beers and will be back home before dinner time :grimacing:

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wow, these photos are out of this world!


I know man. I have been trying to find better resolution pics to get more details.
Fascinating stuff


Always makes me wonder what colour these sort of things are.