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can’t spoiler?

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How does one spoiler in that blurred text shit? I have a question


[zpoiler][/spoiler] Change the z to an s


Use [spoiler] tags.

E.g. [ spoiler ] your question here [ /spoiler ] but without the spaces in the brackets


is gendry actually not a bastard son of Robert’s as his mam is cersei? Apparently there was a fleeting, “blink and you’ll miss it” mention of this in yesterday’s finale


This show is making me strangely okay with incest and I’m not happy with that.


6mins into the episode. That eye of Jon’s Sword is nothing but just a reflection :laughing:
So much for all the theories.


why cant we just have a spoiler tag button?


I’m totally surprised. I was quite satisfied with that for a finale. It was well done in almost all respects.

Really liked the early part where the truce was underway. It worked because they actually bothered to slow it down, and allow some character development, which in turn made it quite tense, and enjoyable. Some nice reunions as well.

I even didn’t dislike the LF wrap up. That is to say, considering how shit the build up to it was in previous episodes it could’ve been a lot worse. I guess the show just didn’t have the time for a big LF master-plan before his death, so we just got a mini-half-arsed one. I’m happy enough because in the books it’s going to be a lot cooler.

The only thing I didn’t like was the way in which Jaimie departs from Cersei. They had to manufacture something I guess to move him to where he is going to be in the books, but Cersei’s arguments actually sounded pretty reasonable to me, and since he’d long ago pledged to stand with her, I thought his attitude didn’t make a lot of sense.

The ending was predictable and didn’t have much of a wow factor, considering it was the Wall coming down, but it was passable. I also don’t expect it to come down that way in the books.

Interesting that Tyrion didn’t look too pleased about Jon and Dany getting it on; wonder if Dany’s possible third betrayer might end up being him? And was it foreshadowing when Sansa tells Arya that the lone wolf dies but the pack survives?

@Oliver - there is a poiler button in settings button.


The “fight” that Alfie Allen won to regain his crews respect was pretty weird, Is his super power That he gets super strength after being kicked in the nub where his dick and balls once were?


Click the gear icon and select blur spoiler, then type your text in between the two brackets.


That’s what I thought I had done!


Can’t wait for the forbidden love storyline of season 8. I want you Jon. No lass, it’s wrong! We must’nt! Obey your queen!


I thought Rhaegar was supposed to some handsome charming dude.
But he was just an old version of Viserys Targaryen.


A nice traditional slow burner to end the series, a decent finale.

I enjoyed how Little Finger went down. Perfect for his character to beg on his knees. I dont think his character deserved a massive send off, think it was perfectly timed.

Enjoyed the tense first scene. And surprise surprise Cersei had no intention of playing nice.

I called the breaching of the wall being the season ender a few weeks ago. Think it was looking that way.

Theory time…

Jons gonna make Dany pregnant. The end of season 8 will be Jon, sorry Aegon now, sacrificing himself to save his queen.

Bran is defo Night King. BUT he just does not know it yet. He seems to perfectly time his worgs to see the dead army marching. Bran made a slip in this finale and I think that’s a big tell for his character, that he’s not fully intune with his capabilities just yet.


I thought the Tyrion ending was quite curious.


This show/author really loves wincest.


Who knew you could make watchable television without burning people? :cech:

It’s like they’d forgotten that scenes like Cersei and Tyrion hating each other but having to talk are what this show was built upon.

I was expecting a huge cringe-fest this episode so was pleasantly surprised.

The Arya build up was as stupid as expected but the final implementation was okay.

I thought the big meeting felt like an occasion so was maybe slightly over-acted. Cersei for example felt a bit OTT. And calling Daenerys a usurper is just lol when she’s the queen because of nothing at all.

I don’t like that she’s just got this convenient money and can lose the war and just buy another army. If you can just do that, why didn’t they buy Stannis an army? Or why doesn’t someone try to intervene?

Oh and Aegon Targaryen. I’m sure they put this shit in just to piss people off :expressionless:


Stannis was broke, him and Davos went to the Iron Bank to try and get a loan and they turned him down because with no ability to grow crops on Dragonstone and only had 4,000 men under his command he wasn’t a good bet/investment.


Didn’t they end up giving him money? I thought he hired pirates or something after? In the book I think they approach him and offer to bankroll him because Cersei stops making repayments (I think she did this in the show too?) and I thought in the show the only difference was he had to go to Braavos and beg for it?

My guess is it’s a convenient way to keep Cersei a relevant character, something they never really gave a shit about with Stannis. Or the Golden Company has some kind of hand to play in the endgame and they need a reason to exist.