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[spoiler]You’re biased in favour of the Starks because that’s the way GRRM wanted you to be.

The point isn’t necessarily about how the Starks and evil go together. It’s about twisting the traditional story narrative of Good v Evil and how good will always win.

For instance, in the books after his execution, many characters will observe how honourable a man Ned Stark was etc but will continue to remark, in the end he lost his head despite his perceived goodness recognised by both the readers and characters.

The same is seen with Robb. GRRM obviously deliberately emotionally invests the reader with the Starks and later the Northern struggle. You won’t be able to find a person who didn’t want Robb to beat the Lannisters and rule as King in the North.

That would have been the traditional Good trumps evil story but he distorts the traditional narrative through the Red Wedding knowing it’ll have a shocking effect on the reader who is quite emotionally invested in Robb by that point and naturally programed through other works to believe Good trumps evil every time.[/spoiler]


100% this regarding the Night King. Literally said the same thing to a mate regarding the spears. He doesnt want to kill Jon, he has had plenty of chances. There’s definitely more to the NK and his bromance with Jon. Probably because its Bran :sunglasses:




Let me make a defence of D & D then. They signed up to write a story understanding that there would be source material to draw on. GRRM has totally shafted them. Now they have to conclude the story all on their own, with only a few broad bullet points to guide them, with limited screen time to do it. And somehow needing to please an incredibly hostile fandom. That would be hard enough for good writers.

@Craigie -

Yep the only logical reason - if we look for logic which may be a mistake - for why the white walkers didn’t attack, then it must be because they wanted Jo and Co to live so that they could steal a dragon / or Jon is important to the Night King. But they didn’t go to any real effort to hint at this. Nor does it explain why they eventually did attack - after all whites did try to kill Jon. In fact he very nearly did die in the water, and needed Benjen to save his life. And why didn’t they try and kill Drogon or the other dragon? Drogon was just sitting there on the ground, a much easier shot. It’s far to contradictory to make any logical inference IMO


What was the reason given for GoT having to be rushed through these last 2 seasons?

All the other seasons have been 10 episodes long, and why not even have a 3rd season?


Just a guess here but probably something to do with budget on CGI



Less episodes and more CGI actions scenes equals less time to spend worrying about character arcs and plausible story lines. I think they’ve deliberately chosen this route.


Its a shame coz Thrones deserves better. Would happily sacrifice some CGI for more dialogue.


Also everyone involved from writers to actors are probably eager to finish and move onto new projects. They don’t want be doing GOT forever. You can see that they are hurtling towards the finish line without too much concern for story. Big and exciting is all they need to do. Also imagine how little time they must have on a script. Since D & D have taken full control of the story they haven’t come up with a single interesting twist or development. Just play it safe and get it done is what they are going for.


What’s d&d? Dungeons and dragons?


David Benioff and David Weiss, they’re the showrunners


Yeah very fair point. I remember watching early behind the scenes stuff about them approaching HBO and it’s clear they loved the story and wanted to tell it on screen, not write it from scratch which is what they’ve been forced to do for 3 or 4 seasons.

When they had the source material I thought they definitely did it justice, they even made some bits more entertaining than the books (Tywin and Arya, murdering Robb’s wife, Bronn and the Hound’s charms).


If you want an HD copy, I got you


Thanks man, i’ll take the link for the season finale if it gets leaked.


I have been thinking of all the flaws/decline in plot scripts lately. I have criticised some of the stupid moves myself but If I am to think from producers point of view; I believe GRRM dicked them.
The show began in 2011 with just two books to be released. they must have planned for 10 or so seasons, thinking GRRM would finish both the books by then.

Whole TV series is about to end and GRRM is yet to release his next book.

I don’t think GRRM might have given them the liberty to work the story as they wish. He has his own interest to serve & wouldn’t want to have something better compete with his writing, although he is talented enough to not be scared of it.

Most likely the producers were forced to go down the simple route & hence shorter seasons & episodes.

I understand he has his own life but 7 years for one book whose plot is already laid out since 1998 is just poor show. GRRM has spoiled one of greatest TV show.


I’m a little blurry on what the last 100 posts said.

Yet having just watched it, fire swords are cool as fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. The King and the Queen can have their awkward sexual tension all day long but I want to see more fucking fireswords.



So I’ve just watched the full HD version through my HBO Nordic subscription…

Did anyone notice in the scene where Jon Snow was in the water after the dragon took off, just as he climbs out of the water Longclaw is right in front of the camera, the eyes on longclaw seem to be blue but as soon as he rises out of the water they look like they close and turn black again.


Fucking hell, you are right.
Could be camera or lighting issue.


are they just reflective?